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Papa’s Pizza North Legon Branch Opening – Pizarea

Introduction (Papa’s Pizza North Legon)

Currently, in Ghana, Pizza Restaurants have become innumerable. There is a growing demand for pizza and it does not look like this growing demand is going down anytime soon. We’ve got up and coming restaurants adding pizza to their menus just to be in the game; to be able to serve all kinds of customers. For big industry players, it is something to be wary of. The competition has never been so fierce. Social Media is colored with alluring posts from all these restaurants. The need to stand out as the number one pizza place in the country has reached an all-time high.

Papa’s Pizza has served in this industry since 2011. The restaurant has become one of the big players in the pizza making and delivery business. As a fast-growing business, there’s always something new going on with Papa’s Pizza. They’ve been around for close to nine (9) years now and there’s no doubt that we are still at the beginning of seeing more amazing surprises from this pizza restaurant.


Starting with only one branch at East Legon, the restaurant has grown to have about seven (7) branches spread across Accra and Tema. Wherever you are in Accra, there’s a Papa’s Pizza Branch close by. It has made pizza delivery easier and much cheaper for both consumers and dispatch riders. The branches include Papa’s Pizza East Legon, Papa’s Pizza Tema, Papa’s Pizza Spintex, Papa’s Pizza Osu, Papa’s Pizza Ringroad, Papa’s Pizza Dome, and the newly established Papa’s Pizza North Legon.

Papa’s Pizza North Legon Branch

Papa’s Pizza North Legon serves people located around Haatso, North Legon, Adenta, Madina, Agbogba and its environs. The Papa’s Pizza North Legon branch is located at Top Herbal on the Haatso – Agbogba road close to Antis. The restaurant branch has a spacious sitting area perfect for family gatherings, parties, corporate lunch bookings, etc. The atmosphere is good enough for people who like to work in open spaces. As usual, expect nothing but the best customer service from Papa’s Pizza. The north legon branch will have you coming back. The staff is chatty and easy going. This feature of theirs has certainly led to high customer retention.

Papa’s Pizza New Menu Additions

To attract more customers, you need to find new and exciting ways to make your product stand out. For Papa’s Pizza, their menu options have always been interesting. In the past, a pizza option was named after a famous song at the time. This song was “no kissing babe”. Papa’s Pizza adopted the name for one of their pizza types. The interesting name got people wondering and definitely curious customers will always buy. In the same way, in recent times they have added new pizza types that feature local names like Abom Pizza, Bompata and the newest addition known as Ghana Jollof Pizza. Just as the name goes, this pizza type is made up of your favorite Jollof stew, cheese, goat meat, beef, and chicken. Imagine yourself eating this type of Pizza! The combination is simply irresistible!

Online Partners – Pizarea

Order online from any of the branches of Papa’s Pizza on Pizarea! The newest branch is also available on the Pizarea platform. You can access it both on the app and on the web.


Dough Man Foods and Doughnuts in Accra

Dough Man foods solely sells doughnuts. They make and sell American-style doughnuts, but with a Ghanaian twist. They have flavors available for every occasion from their Rainbow Storm doughnuts, that adds colour to your day, or keeping you company in a traffic jam with our Jammy doughnuts, every situation is covered – with flavour. Located in the heart of Dzorwulu, they seek to serve everyone who desires their doughnuts. Even though they sell only doughnuts it is becoming the best and most sought after patisserie.

Moreover, their recipes are inspired by Ghana’s traditional doughnuts called “bofloat”. After munching on a roll of the Dough Man’s doughnut, you are left with an insatiable desire for more. They win over the hearts of their customers with every bite of doughnut they take.

Also, their doughnuts with traditional pairings like Hausa Koko, Asaana or as refreshments at corporate gatherings with tea and coffee is simply amazing and breathtaking…The combination possibilities are endless.

Know them better

Dough Man - PizareaDough Man Foods prepares the doughnuts under strict hygiene conditions which are then carefully and neatly packaged and delivered to the customer’s doorstep. From satisfying your craving to surprising a loved one, to earning a favour…Dough Man’s doughnuts is just rightly suited for these and more. During festive seasons or special occasions the doughnuts can be customised in alphabetical shapes to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

Besides, Dough Man has excellent customer service and strive to ensure quality products no matter the circumstances. They deliver good value for your tasting pleasure. Dough Man’s Doughnuts are made daily with you in mind. In addition, the doughnuts comes in a package of 5 or 10 in a box. They are packaged attractively that makes it look like a gift presented to its customers. Customers can select the flavors they want and it will be delivered to them.

Dough Man and Pizarea

Being on Pizarea allows customers who love Doughnuts so much to order the doughnuts with the varied toppings online and have it delivered to them. The delivery is fast, safe, convenient and reliable. Whether at home or in the office, your delicious Dough Man Donuts can always be delivered to you.

Each bite sinks your teeth into a delightful chunk of bliss! Excite your taste buds today with Dough Man Doughnuts! Enjoy the best doughnuts in Accra. Enjoy our kneaded taste today!