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Pizarea iOS App now available on Apple Store for all Apple Users

To all apple users, Pizarea says worry no more! Pizarea iOS app is currently on Apple Store free for downloads! We are excited we can finally serve all customers whether on android or on iOS. It has been a long time coming and finally we have launched the iOS Version of the Pizarea App.

We can guarantee that the Pizarea iOS version has features that make it easier to use. There are no headaches involved in trying to maneuver your way through the ordering process. From the beginning to the end, customers will be able to find their way around without much stress!

Features of the Pizarea iOS App

Like the android version, the app follows a particular process that will be elaborated below:

 Sign Up Process

On the Pizarea iOS app, customers will be given the opportunity to sign up with their personal information including their names, telephone numbers, address, password and email. This process is to enable easy identification and location of customers when the order is placed and ready to be delivered. it also creates an account for the said customer on pizarea such that at any point when the customer wants to place an order, he only has to login with the provided details to gain access to the app. The app allows you to sign in easily with your Facebook or Google Account.

Restaurants and Search Page

After the Login Process, the next interface the customer will see is the page listing the restaurants on the platform. However, to make it easier for the customer to make a choice, they are given the choice to search for the restaurant they want to order from or the cuisine they want using the search bar provided. This should limit the search radius and make it easier for customers to make a choice.

After making a choice of restaurant, you will be able to see the restaurant address, the restaurant number, their opening and closing time, the categories of meals they offer as well as the delivery turnaround time. You are then given the option to choose whether to view their menu or to post a review.

Menu Page

The restaurant menu will be displayed on this page. You get to see the various categories of meals the restaurant provides as well as the meals under each category. The prices seen are prices provided by these restaurants on the platform.

After choosing what you want to order, you can adjust the quantity by clicking on the the ‘+’ sign. When you’re sure selection is complete, proceed to check out by clicking the little basket at the bottom.

Check Out Page

Customer will be able to add a receivers details in the case where the order is going to someone else. There is also a space provided for any additional information such as allergies, further directions or general information. On this page, you should be able to choose anywhere you want the food delivered using the map or manually. The system will automatically calculate the delivery charge for you.

After the customer is done, he can proceed to pay using any of the payment methods listed including, Cash on Delivery, Vodafone Cash, Airtel Money, Tigo Cash or Ezeepay. There is also an option for those who live in abroad yet want to order for their loved ones in Ghana. They can use the World Remit option for payment.

There are more features that have been added to make the customers’ experience better and as the days go by new and exciting features will also be added.

Pizarea is happy to be able to address the concerns of all apple users in the country and we hope to serve you better in the future!

The Future is here – Pizarea to introduce drone delivery!

It is imperative for everyone to move with global trends. Technology has indeed come to answer a lot questions and to improve upon our daily lives. In the global food delivery industry, drones have been introduced to improve upon the efficiency and effectiveness of food delivery. The demand for delivery efficiency in Africa cannot be underestimated, especially in Ghana where online food delivery is making a serious headway.

Testing Phase a Ghanaian owned food delivery company in partnership with Hylio Inc, an Aerospace Company is currently working with the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority to get certification to operate drone delivery in Ghana. Pizarea tests its first drone delivery; first of its kind in Ghana.

The much anticipated future is here indeed. Highly advanced drones will be leveraged on for fast and efficient delivery of food in Accra. Late last year; 2017, Pizarea announced it as part of their plans to invest in drone delivery and truly, they have delivered. In March, 2018 a feasibility study of drone delivery in Ghana was conducted in several parts of Accra and even in Aburi to ensure that this delivery will indeed be possible in several parts of Accra.

This was also tested at Papa’s Pizza Ghana one of the food merchants on Pizarea. However, after much study is done, the pilot drone delivery will be done in association with some of the merchants on Pizarea. The merchants involved will be communicated much later.

How it will work

A customer who requests for drone delivery will have to provide their digital address (either using Ghana Post GPS or What3words digital addressing system). The customer will also be required to pay for both the cost of the food and the delivery charge online. However, the cost of delivery with drone will be relatively higher than that of the traditional delivery.

Pizarea will then confirm the feasibility of the drone delivery in that area using good demarcation and absence of slum as the factors to be considered.

The digital address will then be inputted into the drone with the food in a bag attached to it. When the drone gets to the destination, it will lower the food with a rope; thus after confirmation has been made that the customer is at the premises ready to collect the food.

Areas eligible for the drone delivery will be validated and communicated before the drone is dispatched. Also, per the reception of the concept of drone delivery by Ghanaians, all the other restaurants on Pizarea will be made to enjoy this efficient service Pizarea offers. Due to the bad roads, poor road networks and infrastructure, drone delivery in Ghana will cut down delivery delays significantly. Look forward to Pizarea drones and other exciting technologies.


buy food online in accra with cashless payment truly makes food ordering a delight!


The New Dawn Of Online Food Ordering

It was at the end of the month and as usual I couldn’t wait to receive my salary from my parents. I always make enormous plans for it before it gets to hand and this month wasn’t an exception. Immediately I received an alert on my phone indicating a transfer of money into my mobile money account from my parents. I jumped off my bed and shouted “the wait is over “which was nothing new to my roommates at all. I sped off to Akosua’s (my best friend) room at Jean Nelson hall to break the news since she knew I had no money on me.

While waiting for her at the potters lodge, I watched the advertisement screen and behold, “PIZAREA “popped up. It was an ONLINE FOOD ORDERING PLATFORM. Well, a food lover will always be enthused about anything related to food and so I didn’t hesitate to call.

Sarcastically, I asked if I could order for fufu with goat light soup and have it delivered to Legon campus and interestingly they said yes. So I proceeded with the order. For a moment, I was sceptical but since I had nothing to lose at the end I wasn’t bothered.

My friend came in few minutes later but I didn’t mention a word. In approximately 30 minutes after I placed the order, a dispatch rider called to inform me that he was waiting for me downstairs. Mmm ….and I said to myself so this is real.  I went to pick up the food, paid and went back to Akosua’s room. She was more surprised than I was since she didn’t see it coming. I explained everything to her and indeed, it was a great afternoon and we enjoyed every bit of the meal. From that day forward, we started ordering on pizarea.

Subsequently, I was told PIZAREA is an online food ordering app on play store and so I was encouraged to download it since it will make my food ordering easier. I hesitated initially but eventually, I downloaded it. The app supports at least 30 restaurants which have various delicacies ranging from continental dishes to local dishes. It didn’t exempt my favourite banku with grilled tilapia from living room and imperial special fried rice from Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant.

Indeed, I was surprised when I found out that I could make payment via all mobile money networks and also have someone outside the country order food for me and make payment through world remit. Also, Pizarea delivery has proven to be incredibly swift and timely. Above all, pizarea delivery does not burden you with your location. It will deliver at your doorstep, campuses, offices, wherever the need be they go the extra mile to give you value for your money.

In all, pizarea has made online food ordering easier, bigger, better and more convenient. Wouldn’t you rather count on their services…it is tested and trusted. PIZAREA!!! Always making food ordering a delight!


By Adjoa

(A consistent Pizarea customer)

Pizarea As An Advocate Of Cashless Payments


Over the years the world has moved from a cash/paper society to a cashless/paperless one. From cash to check, to credit cards and debit cards and now online banking and mobile commerce payment methods. The rise of mobile phone penetration is changing the way businesses accept payments. Cashless payments is the newly adopted trend.

Difficulties so far

However in Africa and indeed Ghana, the response to accepting this mobile trend(cashless payments) has been slow. Due to limitations such as low internet penetration, high illiteracy rate, increased corruption, high standard of living and the general lack of trust in our notable institutions,etc. We have only made but a slow progress in moving with this global trend.

On our side of the continent, it has been discovered that quite a substantial number of people have expressed some misgivings about online payments or transactions. This is due to certain past experiences and lack of trust in the system. People feel more secure with physical cash than keeping it in an invisible account. Instead of using online payment methods for their transactions, they feel more comfortable going the traditional way of using cash.

Reasons for Adaptation

Nevertheless, when it comes to accepting cashless payments for goods and services, mobile payments is becoming a major technological driver in Ghana. This is mainly because according to GhIPSS, over 80 percent of businesses in the country are SMEs controlling about 50 percent of the total cash in the economy. This is one of the major reasons why Pizarea has embedded this into its system in the form of accepting payments via Mobile Money, Visa Cards, MasterCard etc. to serve majority of the Ghanaian populace. Moreover, it is mostly in the interest of the customers to purchase food on Pizarea without any hustle. There is no need to drive to a restaurant to buy food, or to stress about not having cash when hungry. Pizarea has solved this problem by accepting these payments online. It is convenient, secure and “wahala” free…

Pizarea and Cashless payments


Pizarea believes in the drive to move Ghana into a cashless society. We believe that in this dynamic business world, the ability to rapidly adapt to new technologies that boost sales at the same time being extremely convenient to its customers would be a major distinguishing factor between businesses that would grow in the future and those that would become redundant in the long run. It is in this light that we at Pizarea want to be one of the businesses spearheading this global phenomenon. We have tried and tested and we have not been disappointed. In our daily transactions with our customers we have realised that most of our customers who find out about the online payment portals on Pizarea breathe a sigh of relief. Indeed, cashless payment is the way forward.

In addition, it gives opportunity to those abroad to pay with their cards or via mobile money without any hustle. It allows people to buy food for others despite their different locations; busy and even forgetful individuals are able to plan a surprise for loved ones ahead of time with Pizarea. The benefits of this cashless payments is numerous and varied both for Pizarea and its customers. The movement of money between customers and merchants on our site is absolutely smooth…

Consequently, buying food online in Accra has never been easier. Join the family today and have a hustle free life. Buy food from the best restaurants in Accra, enjoy fast delivery, all at the comfort of your home or office with Pizarea. We only seek to make food ordering a delight!