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Scammers are now posing as your favourite restaurant. Beware when ordering a meal online!


Imagine this – you are hungry and want to order from your favorite pizza restaurant in Accra. You open Google, type Papa’s Pizza East Legon in the search bar and press enter. You copy the contact attached to the first results on your screen and call the number to place your order. After, you are directed to pay to the same or a different number to confirm and deliver your order. You oblige and send the money. They thank you and the call ends. The wait then begins! Seconds and minutes turn into hours and you never receive a call that a rider is bringing your order. You’ve been scammed! You made payment to scammers posing as Papa’s Pizza.

Beware of Online Scammers
Beware of Scammers

Nothing beats the realization that you’ve been scammed of your money after paying to a supposed restaurant (scammers) for delivery.

While some customers may notice immediately, others only realize that they’ve fallen victim to these scammers after hours of waiting. The rest may also notice after they are unable to reach the initial number they took off the internet.

Restaurants like Papa’s Pizza, Pizza Inn, Chicken Inn,  Eddys Pizza and Cheezzy Pizza have received numerous complaints from their customers. Sadly, these customers were all scammed on the internet.

Don't Get Scammed by Scammers!
Don’t fall for Scammers!
Beware of Scammers online!
Beware of fake pages by Sammers online!


As a result, Papa’s Pizza has issued an official statement to their social media accounts. First they apologized, then they informed their customers of the measures they have put in place to prevent such scams from happening. These measures include sending SMS blasts to over 20,000 of their customers educating them on how not to fall victim to such scams, involving cyber security to help investigate these cases, etc.

Papa's Pizza Official Scammers statement.
Papa’s Pizza Official Scammers statement.
Papa's Pizza Official Scammers statement.
Papa’s Pizza Official Scammers statement.


Additionally, Papa’s provided their customers with tips to protect themselves from such scams. The first is to contact Papa’s via their official line. The next is to order via their website, or their verified social media pages. They cautioned customers to make payments to accounts with the name Papa’s Pizza or pay via their Tingg number.

How to protect Yourself against Scammers.
How to protect Yourself against Scammers.


Simbisa Brands Ghana Limited ( Pizza Inn and Chicken Inn group), also cautioned their customers to refrain from sending payments to any other number besides to their official mobile money number.

Attention Customers, Beware of Scammers!
Scam Alert!

How do you protect yourself from scammers when placing an order online for food?

To begin with, be sure the contact you pick off the internet corresponds to the contacts on the restaurant’s official social media page.

Secondly,  send payment only to accounts bearing the name of the restaurant you want to order with.  Don’t share your personal details or pin with anyone. When paying with a card, desist from entering your card details in an unsecured website.

Additionally, you should be wary when you’re pressured to act promptly (like make payment first before your food is prepared). This is a trick to get you to act before you have time to think and if you’re on a call with them, they’ll probably tell you not to hang up so you don’t go verifying details.

Furthermore, you should only order via the official websites and social media pages of the restaurant or platform you choose. You should research any website that looks new and sketchy. You should definitely beware of any website that redirects you to other web pages.

Visit when you want to order a pizza, chicken, rice, or any other meal from either Papa’s Pizza, Pizza Inn, Chicken Inn, Eddys Pizza, Cheezzy Pizza, or any other restaurant on Pizarea. You can order, pay either online or via mobile money, and pay cash on delivery for orders placed with these restaurants on Pizarea.

You can also use the USSD short code (*920*61#), download the Pizarea app on the Appstore, Google Play store, or the App Gallery or call 0242525789/0577690493 to talk to a customer engagement officer to assist you in placing your order.

Pizza Inn Delivery Contact Accra – 0577690493

Pizza Inn Ghana Delivery

Pizza Inn Ghana is one of the most notable pizza restaurants in Ghana. It is a brand that has several branches across Africa including Pizza Inn Kenya, Pizza Inn Zimbabwe and Pizza Inn Ghana. Recently in Accra, there has been an increase in demand for Pizza Inn Delivery. For the Pizza Inn Menu Accra, customers can check out the Pizza Inn Page on Pizarea.


For Pizza Inn Delivery contact, customers can call the following numbers for each branch

there are able customer service personnel ready and willing to assist you with your orders and any enquiry you may have.

Pizza Inn Delivery Promos

Currently, there are a number of promos that Pizza Inn is running across branches.  Anyone who is interested in Pizza Inn Delivery can take advantage of these promos. The promos have been outlined below:

Pizza Inn Terrific Tuesday Promo

Pizza Inn Terrific Tuesday Promo has been running in Accra for a very long time now. Every Tuesday, customers have the chance to buy two (2) medium classic pizzas at GH¢ 40.00 or two (2) large classic pizzas at GH¢ 50.00. Previously delivery was not available for this promo. However, currently on Tuesdays, there’s Pizza Inn Delivery for terrific Tuesdays orders.


Pizza Inn Delivery Promo (Medium Classic Pizzas)

On the Pizza Inn Menu, there are different categories of pizza. These include, Classic Pizzas, Deluxe Pizzas and some New Additions. This Pizza Inn Delivery Promo is on the medium classic pizzas. Buy any two (2) medium classic pizzas at only GH¢ 35.00. This offer is only for delivery orders for the month of July, 2019.

Pizza Inn Accra on Pizarea

Pizarea recently signed the Simbisa Brands restaurants including Pizza Inn Accra, Chicken Inn Accra, Galito’s, Vida e Cafe KIA. Customers can currently order pizza online from Pizza Inn and its related brands from Pizarea.

Different Cuisine Offered by Restaurants in Ghana – Pizarea

We eat from different cuisine offered by different restaurants in Ghana.We have certainly marked some of these restaurants as our favourite either for the type of atmosphere they provide or how great their food is. But generally speaking, what is a cuisine?

According to Wikipedia, a cuisine is specific set of cooking traditions and practices, often associated with a specific culture or region. That is to say the preparation, setting, additions to a meal may depend on where the food originates from. This explains why cuisines are named after where they originate from.

Every country has its own way of preparing meals depending on the type of ingredients available to them, their religious beliefs on what to eat and what to avoid or their cultural beliefs. There are cuisines that can be deemed regional. They are specific to particular regions in the world. For instance we have African, Asian, European, Oceanic Cuisine; all these are specific to the continents in the world.


Every country has its own cuisine associated to it. However in every country, restaurants offer the most famous cuisines worldwide as part of their menus. Most of these meals have become popular as a result of the countries they are from, how different they taste or how they even look. These cuisines have been listed below:


There’s no doubt that the Chinese people have succeeded in carrying their culture everywhere they go. In every country you visit, you’d definitely find a Chinese restaurant. Even in Ghana, restaurants on Pizarea including Noble House Chinese Restaurant, Sweet Roses, Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant and Palace Chinese Restaurants etc. offer Chinese cuisine. These restaurants are owned by Chinese people. It’s amazing though to see that restaurants that are not necessarily Chinese restaurants have adopted Chinese cuisine as part of their menus. Some of these restaurants include Enda Food and Frankie’s on Pizarea.


Like the Chinese, the Lebanese have found a great place for business in Africa. In Ghana, there are restaurants that are generically Lebanese. Lebanese food is served at restaurants including Marwako Fast Foods, Oceano Restaurant, Frankie’s, Papa Restaurant etc. You can order for such meals and more on Pizarea.


The relationship between Ghana and Nigeria is so good that we enjoy Nigerian cuisine very much. Meals like Eba and Egusi as well as Ogbonno Soup can be ordered from Taste of Naija, Downtown Nigerian etc.


Other types of cuisine include French, Jamaican, Indian and Mexican cuisine and generally continental dishes. You can find restaurants serving such meals in Ghana. Luckily the Ghanaian market is quick to explore anything that is different. As a result, more of these types of restaurants are springing up in the country especially in Accra and Tema.

The recent pork/domedo craze; Order from Pork Office.

In recent times there has been a craze, an intense desire for pork (domedo) to the extent that there is a grilled or fried pork vendor or food joint on most every street in Accra and even now a pork festival. This has taken over the “abokyi craze” that lasted for so long. Wondering the reason for this sudden craze for domedo… probably most people are just fed up of chicken and fish. Almost every restaurant of food joint is now incorporating pork into their menu. While others are fully setting up as a pork food joint such as Pork Office.

Pork Office

Pork Office is one of the best food joints available in Accra and Tema. It is located on the Spintex road at the community 18 junction opposite KFC. It is one of the best hangouts in Accra. They are famous for the delicious Jollof rice and spicy pork which has been tagged as the best among the rest. Pork Office also has Chicken and Fish to suit and satisfy the hunger of their customers who do not like pork.

Pork Office prides itself with serving the best spicy pork with the other side dishes that comes with it. The Pork is very well spiced, has no fat and attractively served that it will certainly leave you wanting more. Their customer service is second to none. Their waiters and waitresses are patient, serviceable and pay extreme attention to details. They treat their customers like the royalty they are. Pork Office is such a pleasant family that always makes their customers feel very comfortable dining with them.

In addition, they have an outdoor sitting area and a parking lot for customers to enjoy a nice view of the Spintex while enjoying their delicious meals. Pork Office not only serves delicious meals but they adhere to strict hygienic conditions to ensure their customers get nothing but best from them. Also, they have a very simplified menu which makes it easier for customers to choose from. Their food portions are huge and greatly satisfying and extremely affordable. They also pride themselves in always putting the needs of their customers first.


Being on Pizarea, allows customers to place orders online via the web, app or call in and have it delivered to them at a location they choose or order to pick up later at the restaurant in order to skip queues they might possibly face. It is fast, safe and reliable. Since payment is allowed on the platform, it even makes it more convenient since mobile money can be used without any hustle.

Pork Office is definitely the place to be when looking for good food, sensational music and a relaxing atmosphere. Browse their menu, order and have it delivered to your doorstep quickly with ease.

Dough Man Foods and Doughnuts in Accra

Dough Man foods solely sells doughnuts. They make and sell American-style doughnuts, but with a Ghanaian twist. They have flavors available for every occasion from their Rainbow Storm doughnuts, that adds colour to your day, or keeping you company in a traffic jam with our Jammy doughnuts, every situation is covered – with flavour. Located in the heart of Dzorwulu, they seek to serve everyone who desires their doughnuts. Even though they sell only doughnuts it is becoming the best and most sought after patisserie.

Moreover, their recipes are inspired by Ghana’s traditional doughnuts called “bofloat”. After munching on a roll of the Dough Man’s doughnut, you are left with an insatiable desire for more. They win over the hearts of their customers with every bite of doughnut they take.

Also, their doughnuts with traditional pairings like Hausa Koko, Asaana or as refreshments at corporate gatherings with tea and coffee is simply amazing and breathtaking…The combination possibilities are endless.

Know them better

Dough Man - PizareaDough Man Foods prepares the doughnuts under strict hygiene conditions which are then carefully and neatly packaged and delivered to the customer’s doorstep. From satisfying your craving to surprising a loved one, to earning a favour…Dough Man’s doughnuts is just rightly suited for these and more. During festive seasons or special occasions the doughnuts can be customised in alphabetical shapes to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

Besides, Dough Man has excellent customer service and strive to ensure quality products no matter the circumstances. They deliver good value for your tasting pleasure. Dough Man’s Doughnuts are made daily with you in mind. In addition, the doughnuts comes in a package of 5 or 10 in a box. They are packaged attractively that makes it look like a gift presented to its customers. Customers can select the flavors they want and it will be delivered to them.

Dough Man and Pizarea

Being on Pizarea allows customers who love Doughnuts so much to order the doughnuts with the varied toppings online and have it delivered to them. The delivery is fast, safe, convenient and reliable. Whether at home or in the office, your delicious Dough Man Donuts can always be delivered to you.

Each bite sinks your teeth into a delightful chunk of bliss! Excite your taste buds today with Dough Man Doughnuts! Enjoy the best doughnuts in Accra. Enjoy our kneaded taste today!


Where Accra Eats

Accra has been known to be the hub several interesting things basically in Ghana and the whole Sub Saharan Region. Of these amazing things Accra prides itself with, Restaurants is at the top of the list. Truth is, we all crave for something from time to time and we always want to meet these cravings with the finest and best of them all.

Eating out isn’t just for occasions anymore: It is now a way of life. In lieu of this I have put together some of the best places to satisfy your food cravings in Accra. This is according to cuisines. The cuisines to be addressed are fast foods and Chinese Cuisines.

Best and Most Popular Fast Food:

Eddys Pizza is known to be a special favourite of Accra. They currently have six branches in Accra. That is Eddys Pizza Dansoman, Eddys Pizza Tema, Eddys Pizza Weija, Eddys Pizza East Legon, Eddys Pizza Spintex and Eddys Pizza Ring Road. They serve massive pizzas, salads, rice and chicken in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Their prices are relatively affordable and the pizza sizes are greatly satisfying. Suitable for family time as well.

Marwako Fast Food and Restaurant

Marwako in Accra is a fast food and restaurant noted as one of the best fast food joints. They offer a wide range of cuisines including Ghanaian and Lebanese cuisine. Marwako currently has four branches that are fully functional and operational. They are Marwako Spintex, Marwako Abelemkpe, Mawarko Mamobi and Marwako Labadi. However, the Labadi branch is both a restaurant and a fast food joint. Marwako Restaurant, Labadi offers more cuisines and services to their customers as compared to their other branches. You should definitely try their Shawarma, it is the best! Their food prices are very affordable and the food portions are satisfying.

Papa’s Pizza is one of the biggest and most popular pizza joints in Ghana. Papa’s Pizza locations in Accra are in Spintex, East Legon, Osu, Circle and their newly opened branch in Tema. Papa’s specializes in pizza, rice, pork and chicken. Papa’s pizza prices are on the low and very affordable to the average Ghanaian. Papa’s pizza’s contact is always available on their website.

Noble House is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Ghana and also one of the best Chinese restaurants in Accra in terms of food and service. They are located in Osu and East Legon. They have a very warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes it extremely comfortable dining with them.

Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Accra and certainly the place to dine. They don’t only serve delicious meals but have an exquisite and serene atmosphere with excellent customer service. They have three branches, two in Airport residential Area and one in Tema.

Sweet Roses Chinese Restaurant is one of the most affordable Chinese restaurants in Ghana. They have a wide range of Chinese cuisines available. They currently have the Sweet Roses Marina mall branch and the Sweet Roses Restaurant, Spintex road opposite Papaye. Their takeaway sushi pack is one of their popular menu items. It is one of the most affordable sushi meals in Accra. Sweet Roses packages its sushi to make it very presentable and attractive. Their Marina mall branch has an amazing outdoor sitting area with a breath taking view.

Palace Chinese restaurant is one of the oldest Chinese restaurant in Accra. It is not only one of the best Chinese restaurant but one of the best restaurant in Accra. They currently have two branches in Accra; the Dzorwulu branch and the East Legon branch. They were part of the very first Chinese restaurant to set up in Accra. Palace Chinese restaurant is well noted for the delicious meals they prepare. They offer a wide range of Chinese cuisines as well. They have amazing Chinese set-up which gives the traditional Chinese feel/ ambiance.

Well so if you are in Accra and you want some good food to eat then these places should be your destination. Cheers

Shamstar Restaurant – Restaurants in Accra


Shamstar is a restaurant in Accra previously known as Pronto Restaurant, a Lebanese owned restaurant in Kisseman. It is next to the Pure Fire Church. It is one of the best restaurants in Accra. Even though it is a Lebanese restaurant they offer several cuisines to their cherished customers. Shamstar Restaurant is famous for their well spiced grilled chicken with their irresistible jollof rice or any other side dish. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner with assorted drinks. From sandwiches to spaghetti to sauces to barbecue…just mention it and Shamstar will surely deliver.

Shamstar offers an exquisite waiter service, airy outdoor seating and a car park for its cherished customers. When it comes to food preparation it is done with the utmost care under the most hygienic conditions. The environment is breathtaking and the people are warm. It is one of the few restaurants in Accra whose food prices are very affordable and the portions are extremely satisfying.

Shamstar welcomes all its cherished guests with all the comforts and personal attention that will amaze you. From the immediate warm reception to the impressive interior to the impeccably dressed and attentive staff, Shamstar Restaurant focuses on the details that will make your stay memorable one.

Shamstar with Pizarea

Moreover, being on Pizarea allows customers with busy schedules who love Shamstar Restaurant to order their food online and have it delivered to them. The food delivery is fast, safe, convenient and reliabUntitled-1le. Whether at home or in the office, your delicious Shamstar Restaurant meal can always be delivered to you. Online ordering of food from Shamstar and delivery in Accra is now very easy to do.
Apart from being part of the few restaurants in Accra who offer this amazing delivery service, they offer take out in a very attractive packaging and a huge parking space for all customers who choose to dine with them. Once you dine with them you will always choose to return again mainly because they treat their customers like royalty. This is one of the major reasons why they have a large customer base.

So if you confused about where to get good food from the several restaurants in Accra with food delivery, Shamstar is definitely the place to eat or order from. So browse their menu and have an amazing time…chao

Shamstar Restaurant – get it exclusive in barter service! –


Papa’s Pizza, Restaurant in Accra – Food delivery


Papa’s Pizza, Accra is one of the biggest and most popular pizza restaurants in Ghana. They are located in Spintex, East Legon, Osu, Circle and Tema. Papa’s Pizza East Legon and Osu are their most popular branches in Accra. Their headquarters is in East Legon, Accra (Papa’s Pizza East Legon). It is a pizza company which is fully Ghanaian-owned and over the years has grown to be a preferred pizza place in Ghana. They make their own dough fresh each day, mix cheeses to get the best taste with the freshest toppings.


They are committed to :

  • Customers: They value their customers very much, customers are the reason why they go the extra mile to deliver the best pizza on time and with a smile.
  • People: They focus on the welfare and development of their people who are the drivers of their success.
  • The Community: They are a community at work so teamwork is very important in their daily activities . They also care about the communities in which they live and do their work.
  • FUN: They use innovations to create fun at work and also share the fun with their customers.
  • Profitability: Their business can’t survive without profits, so they uphold the ethics and all that is needed to ensure profitability. They also ensure price affordability to serve a majority of the populace.
  • Living the Values: This would however only be a theory if Papa’s Pizza Accra does not
    • Serve the freshest Meals
    • Serve the best in Town
    • Provide fast quality Service

Papa’s Pizza with Pizarea

Moreover, Papa’s Pizza delivery in Accra is not only very efficient but also very reliable. They provide good customer service and their food delivery service is extremely efficient. However, ordering food online from Papa’s is also available with Pizarea. They were part of the first batch of restaurants to join Pizarea. Being on Pizarea allows customers with busy schedules who love Papa’s so much to order food online and have it delivered to them. The food delivery is fast, safe, convenient and reliable. Whether at home or in the office, your delicious pizza can always be delivered to you. They are branded                                                                          as one of the best food delivery service in Accra.

Finally, their laid-back, welcoming atmosphere is perfect for business lunches, family gatherings, or just hanging out with friends after work. Hence, Papa’s Pizza welcomes you to come experience pizza the way it was meant to be.

Papa’s Pizza – Taste it, Love it!

papa's pizza in accra

source: papa’s pizza 

Pizza delivery in Accra, Eddys Pizza- Can’t beat that!


In the absence of any notable pizza outlet in Ghana, Edwin and Edward set up Eddys Pizza, Accra. However, Eddys Pizzas and side menus are made only from fresh vegetables, lean meals and cheese with low fat content. Items that do not meet these criteria are not sold.

Consequently, they set up the Ring Road branch. It easily became the most popular branch in Accra boasting of delicious varieties of Pizza ranging from the famous supreme pizza to the mouthwatering Meat lovers Pizza to the amazing Phily Steak Pizza; Eddys does not disappoint.
In addition to their Ring road branch, other branches including Eddys Pizza at East legon , Spintex, Weija, Qodesh, Tema and their newest and most talked about branch, Eddys Pizza Dansoman. All together these branches provide for their customers, the best pizza in Ghana.

Also, they adhere to strict hygiene and sanitation conditions that makes their meals totally safe and healthy. Eddys customer service is one to die for. Right from the reception to placing an order to being served till you exit their premises, you are treated like a King/queen.


As the years go by, they soar higher and higher. Long queues have pushed Eddys Pizza to find alternative platforms to help ease the plight of their customers. Pizarea provides an online ordering platform for Eddys that allows their customers to order food and have it delivered in time. As one of the few pizza delivery services in Accra, they provide their customers the convenience of ordering from anywhere in Accra.

Also, Pizarea provides you an interface that shows all menu items provided by Eddys. As well as their corresponding prices. This platform simplifies the ordering process and gives you the option of pizza delivery in Accra and Tema.

To satisfy all your pizza craving , choose Eddys Pizza. For convenience sake, order your favourite pizza from Eddys  on Pizarea…..and enjoy fast, reliable and safe delivery of your pizza

Eddys Pizza – can’t beat that! –

eddys pizarea

Gold Coast Restaurant and Cocktail Bar – Pizarea

The Gold Coast Restaurant and Cocktail Bar

Gold Coast Restaurant and Cocktail Bar is one of the best restaurants in Accra. It is a great hideout with an extremely nice environment. They offer a stimulating atmosphere with lots of nostalgic pieces on their walls.
However, they currently have only one branch in Ghana. Gold Coast Restaurant, Accra is found in Airport Residential Area on the Nyaho Clinic road.
Gold Coast Restaurant and Cocktail Bar, Airport serves various cuisines. They serve excellent quality, freshly cooked meals, grills and pizza. They are defined as a main stream casual dining restaurant with an integrated cocktail bar. The area provides friendly, attentive service in a relaxed environment by staff and owners that truly enjoy their job. Over the years their menu has evolved to reflect today’s consumer’s taste. From a casual Ghanaian dinner hotspot in London, to their current menu of over 50+ items in Accra including their famous chicken wings, lamb nyama choma, tilapia & yam balls, premium quality steak, a great selection of entree salads and more than 5 vegetarian dishes. Customers are also privileged to enjoy daily buffets and tasty entrees from Gold Coast Restaurant.
In addition, they are located in Airport Residential Area which gives it a cosy feeling, making you experience Ghana’s quiet atmosphere at its best. They serve lunch, dinner, coffee and a variety of drinks. Gold Coast Restaurant is known for the delicious meals they prepare and the good life band music they offer to their customers. They also offer one of the best customer services and adhere to strict health and sanitation principles as well.


Moreover, Gold Coast Restaurant and Cocktail Bar joined Pizarea in 2016. Being on Pizarea allows customers with busy schedules who love Gold Coast Restaurant so much to order their food online and have it delivered to them. The food delivery is fast, safe, convenient and reliable. Whether at home or in the office, your delicious Gold Coast Restaurant meal can always be delivered to you. Their food prices are relatively affordable and the food portions are greatly satisfying.
Apart from this amazing delivery service, Gold Coast Restaurant caters for kids providing them with a kids menu, splendid waiter services, outdoor eating or seating, and take out. A huge parking space is available for all customers who choose to dine with them. They also have reservation services available that enabling their customers to book a place ahead of time, especially on special days when the place gets fully packed.
So, to dine in one of the best Restaurants in Accra, The Gold Coast Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, Accra is the ultimate venue to eat, drink, party and entertain with an Afro twist, whatever the occasion. Browse their menu and enjoy your meal!