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Scammers are now posing as your favourite restaurant. Beware when ordering a meal online!


Imagine this – you are hungry and want to order from your favorite pizza restaurant in Accra. You open Google, type Papa’s Pizza East Legon in the search bar and press enter. You copy the contact attached to the first results on your screen and call the number to place your order. After, you are directed to pay to the same or a different number to confirm and deliver your order. You oblige and send the money. They thank you and the call ends. The wait then begins! Seconds and minutes turn into hours and you never receive a call that a rider is bringing your order. You’ve been scammed! You made payment to scammers posing as Papa’s Pizza.

Beware of Online Scammers
Beware of Scammers

Nothing beats the realization that you’ve been scammed of your money after paying to a supposed restaurant (scammers) for delivery.

While some customers may notice immediately, others only realize that they’ve fallen victim to these scammers after hours of waiting. The rest may also notice after they are unable to reach the initial number they took off the internet.

Restaurants like Papa’s Pizza, Pizza Inn, Chicken Inn,  Eddys Pizza and Cheezzy Pizza have received numerous complaints from their customers. Sadly, these customers were all scammed on the internet.

Don't Get Scammed by Scammers!
Don’t fall for Scammers!
Beware of Scammers online!
Beware of fake pages by Sammers online!


As a result, Papa’s Pizza has issued an official statement to their social media accounts. First they apologized, then they informed their customers of the measures they have put in place to prevent such scams from happening. These measures include sending SMS blasts to over 20,000 of their customers educating them on how not to fall victim to such scams, involving cyber security to help investigate these cases, etc.

Papa's Pizza Official Scammers statement.
Papa’s Pizza Official Scammers statement.
Papa's Pizza Official Scammers statement.
Papa’s Pizza Official Scammers statement.


Additionally, Papa’s provided their customers with tips to protect themselves from such scams. The first is to contact Papa’s via their official line. The next is to order via their website, or their verified social media pages. They cautioned customers to make payments to accounts with the name Papa’s Pizza or pay via their Tingg number.

How to protect Yourself against Scammers.
How to protect Yourself against Scammers.


Simbisa Brands Ghana Limited ( Pizza Inn and Chicken Inn group), also cautioned their customers to refrain from sending payments to any other number besides to their official mobile money number.

Attention Customers, Beware of Scammers!
Scam Alert!

How do you protect yourself from scammers when placing an order online for food?

To begin with, be sure the contact you pick off the internet corresponds to the contacts on the restaurant’s official social media page.

Secondly,  send payment only to accounts bearing the name of the restaurant you want to order with.  Don’t share your personal details or pin with anyone. When paying with a card, desist from entering your card details in an unsecured website.

Additionally, you should be wary when you’re pressured to act promptly (like make payment first before your food is prepared). This is a trick to get you to act before you have time to think and if you’re on a call with them, they’ll probably tell you not to hang up so you don’t go verifying details.

Furthermore, you should only order via the official websites and social media pages of the restaurant or platform you choose. You should research any website that looks new and sketchy. You should definitely beware of any website that redirects you to other web pages.

Visit when you want to order a pizza, chicken, rice, or any other meal from either Papa’s Pizza, Pizza Inn, Chicken Inn, Eddys Pizza, Cheezzy Pizza, or any other restaurant on Pizarea. You can order, pay either online or via mobile money, and pay cash on delivery for orders placed with these restaurants on Pizarea.

You can also use the USSD short code (*920*61#), download the Pizarea app on the Appstore, Google Play store, or the App Gallery or call 0242525789/0577690493 to talk to a customer engagement officer to assist you in placing your order.

Papa’s Pizza North Legon Branch Opening – Pizarea

Introduction (Papa’s Pizza North Legon)

Currently, in Ghana, Pizza Restaurants have become innumerable. There is a growing demand for pizza and it does not look like this growing demand is going down anytime soon. We’ve got up and coming restaurants adding pizza to their menus just to be in the game; to be able to serve all kinds of customers. For big industry players, it is something to be wary of. The competition has never been so fierce. Social Media is colored with alluring posts from all these restaurants. The need to stand out as the number one pizza place in the country has reached an all-time high.

Papa’s Pizza has served in this industry since 2011. The restaurant has become one of the big players in the pizza making and delivery business. As a fast-growing business, there’s always something new going on with Papa’s Pizza. They’ve been around for close to nine (9) years now and there’s no doubt that we are still at the beginning of seeing more amazing surprises from this pizza restaurant.


Starting with only one branch at East Legon, the restaurant has grown to have about seven (7) branches spread across Accra and Tema. Wherever you are in Accra, there’s a Papa’s Pizza Branch close by. It has made pizza delivery easier and much cheaper for both consumers and dispatch riders. The branches include Papa’s Pizza East Legon, Papa’s Pizza Tema, Papa’s Pizza Spintex, Papa’s Pizza Osu, Papa’s Pizza Ringroad, Papa’s Pizza Dome, and the newly established Papa’s Pizza North Legon.

Papa’s Pizza North Legon Branch

Papa’s Pizza North Legon serves people located around Haatso, North Legon, Adenta, Madina, Agbogba and its environs. The Papa’s Pizza North Legon branch is located at Top Herbal on the Haatso – Agbogba road close to Antis. The restaurant branch has a spacious sitting area perfect for family gatherings, parties, corporate lunch bookings, etc. The atmosphere is good enough for people who like to work in open spaces. As usual, expect nothing but the best customer service from Papa’s Pizza. The north legon branch will have you coming back. The staff is chatty and easy going. This feature of theirs has certainly led to high customer retention.

Papa’s Pizza New Menu Additions

To attract more customers, you need to find new and exciting ways to make your product stand out. For Papa’s Pizza, their menu options have always been interesting. In the past, a pizza option was named after a famous song at the time. This song was “no kissing babe”. Papa’s Pizza adopted the name for one of their pizza types. The interesting name got people wondering and definitely curious customers will always buy. In the same way, in recent times they have added new pizza types that feature local names like Abom Pizza, Bompata and the newest addition known as Ghana Jollof Pizza. Just as the name goes, this pizza type is made up of your favorite Jollof stew, cheese, goat meat, beef, and chicken. Imagine yourself eating this type of Pizza! The combination is simply irresistible!

Online Partners – Pizarea

Order online from any of the branches of Papa’s Pizza on Pizarea! The newest branch is also available on the Pizarea platform. You can access it both on the app and on the web.


Pizza Inn Menu, Pizza Inn Delivery in Accra – 0577690493

Pizza Inn Accra, Ghana

Pizza Inn Ghana is one of the many restaurants in the Simbisa Group.  They joined the Ghanaian market about a decade ago. Pizza inn is one of the major pizza restaurants in Accra. Many are curious to know what is on the Pizza Inn Menu

Pizza Inn branches, Ghana 

There are about six (6 ) Pizza Inn branches in Ghana. This number is still expanding as time goes on. The branches of Pizza Inn include; Pizza Inn Accra Mall, Pizza Inn Achimota Mall, Pizza Inn KIAPizza Inn Junction Mall, Pizza Inn 37 and Pizza Inn West Hills Mall. In recent times there are rumours there will soon be a Pizza Inn Pig Farm. Most of these branches are situated in places that are easily accessible to customers. New branches will be added to accommodate customers from everywhere in Accra. The Pizza Inn Menu can be found displayed when you visit any of these branches

Pizza Inn Menu

There are many varieties of pizzas that can be found on the Pizza Inn menu. The menu is categorised under Classic Pizzas, Deluxe Pizzas. The recent new additions include All Seasons and Fully Loaded pizzas. Customers favourites include Meat Deluxe Pizza, BBQ Steak Pizza, Peri-Peri Chicken Pizza and Fully loaded.

Pizza Inn Promotions

In the quest to appreciate their customers, Pizza inn, Accra has come up with promotions such as Terrific Tuesday and Thursday – buy one medium or large classic pizza at GH¢ 40 or GH¢ 50 and get an additional one free. These promotions are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Recently, a new promo has been added. You can buy 2 mega classic pizzas at GH¢ 90.00 only. You can view the Pizza Inn Menu on Pizarea to see the available options for the promos.

Pizza Inn Prices

Pizza inn has very affordable prices. You and I can get a meal ranging from GH¢ 25.00 to GH¢ 75.00. You can choose any size of pizza on the pizza inn menu – from the small to the medium to the large and even the mega-size.

Pizza inn delivery

Pizza inn Ghana also provides convenience for its customers. Pizarea has partnered with Pizza Inn so that as customers, you can order your pizza online for delivery anywhere in Accra. You and I can order from any of the branches for delivery or for pick up. The Pizza Inn menu is displayed on the Pizarea App or website for your perusal.

Papa’s Pizza Ghana Current Running Promotions

Even though Papa’s Pizza is generally a global pizza brand, Papa’s Pizza Ghana is fully Ghanaian owned. They have been in existence for about seven (7) years now. Year in year out they continue to build a great reputation. Papa’s Pizza has become one of the most sort after Pizza places in Accra.

Papa’s Pizza Branches

There are about five (5) branches of Papa’s Pizza currently. These branches include the head office at Papa’s Pizza East Legon, Papa’s Pizza Ringroad, Papa’s Pizza Osu, Papa’s Pizza Spintex, Papa’s Pizza Tema. There’s a new branch that will be opening at Dome soon. All these branches are sited at places where most people can easily access them. For most pizza lovers, they are located at the hottest spots in Accra and Tema. In the coming years, more and more branches will be opened to accommodate the growing demand for pizza in the country.

Popular Pizza types

Most people have their favorite type of pizza. From Papa’s Pizza, people mostly order the Meateater Pizza, Papa’s Special, BBQ lovers and Papa’s favorite. Their menu has some interesting local names including Ghanaman Pizza, Opana Pizza and No Kissing Babe Pizza. Recently they added new pizza types also with exciting local names like Bompata made up of marinara stew, chorizo, chicken, onion and chilli. Another one they added was Abom made up of marinara stew, cheese, beef, chicken and onion. As the others have become household names, most certainly these new ones would also follow suit.

Papa’s Pizza Promotions

As part of their ways to improve customer satisfaction at the same time increase sales, Papa’s Pizza is currently running two promos.

Papa’s Pizza Monday Madness 

This promo has been running from the beginning of this year till date. On Mondays, Papa’s Pizza gives you the opportunity to buy any large size pizza plus a bottle of coke for only GH¢ 40.00. You can also buy any large pizza plus Coke/ fanta/Sprite and Tamek natural fruit at GH¢ 45.00. To liven your Monday which are normally tough days, grabbing this opportunity is never a bad idea! Make your Monday exciting buy trying out this promo this and every Monday from Papa’s Pizza.

Falaa Promo

Before the falaa promo started, Papa’s Pizza was running the buy one get one free promo only at the Ringroad branch, their newest branch. The promo ended in July 2018. The Falaa promo is being run as a partnership between Papa’s Pizza and Pizarea an online food ordering platform. The promo is slightly different from the previous promo. It commenced on the 23rd of August, 2018.
Buy any large size pizza from any branch of Papa’s Pizza and get one free. At a cool GH¢ 50.00, you can get two pizzas perfect for a celebration between family and friends.
The promo is stated to run every Tuesday after 23rd August 2018 to the last Tuesday in November. At the beginning, the promo will run on Thursday 23rd August 2018 and on Tuesday, 28th August 2018. Subsequently, it will run every Tuesday after until the last Tuesday in November, 2018.

Where Accra Eats

Accra has been known to be the hub several interesting things basically in Ghana and the whole Sub Saharan Region. Of these amazing things Accra prides itself with, Restaurants is at the top of the list. Truth is, we all crave for something from time to time and we always want to meet these cravings with the finest and best of them all.

Eating out isn’t just for occasions anymore: It is now a way of life. In lieu of this I have put together some of the best places to satisfy your food cravings in Accra. This is according to cuisines. The cuisines to be addressed are fast foods and Chinese Cuisines.

Best and Most Popular Fast Food:

Eddys Pizza is known to be a special favourite of Accra. They currently have six branches in Accra. That is Eddys Pizza Dansoman, Eddys Pizza Tema, Eddys Pizza Weija, Eddys Pizza East Legon, Eddys Pizza Spintex and Eddys Pizza Ring Road. They serve massive pizzas, salads, rice and chicken in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Their prices are relatively affordable and the pizza sizes are greatly satisfying. Suitable for family time as well.

Marwako Fast Food and Restaurant

Marwako in Accra is a fast food and restaurant noted as one of the best fast food joints. They offer a wide range of cuisines including Ghanaian and Lebanese cuisine. Marwako currently has four branches that are fully functional and operational. They are Marwako Spintex, Marwako Abelemkpe, Mawarko Mamobi and Marwako Labadi. However, the Labadi branch is both a restaurant and a fast food joint. Marwako Restaurant, Labadi offers more cuisines and services to their customers as compared to their other branches. You should definitely try their Shawarma, it is the best! Their food prices are very affordable and the food portions are satisfying.

Papa’s Pizza is one of the biggest and most popular pizza joints in Ghana. Papa’s Pizza locations in Accra are in Spintex, East Legon, Osu, Circle and their newly opened branch in Tema. Papa’s specializes in pizza, rice, pork and chicken. Papa’s pizza prices are on the low and very affordable to the average Ghanaian. Papa’s pizza’s contact is always available on their website.

Noble House is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Ghana and also one of the best Chinese restaurants in Accra in terms of food and service. They are located in Osu and East Legon. They have a very warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes it extremely comfortable dining with them.

Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Accra and certainly the place to dine. They don’t only serve delicious meals but have an exquisite and serene atmosphere with excellent customer service. They have three branches, two in Airport residential Area and one in Tema.

Sweet Roses Chinese Restaurant is one of the most affordable Chinese restaurants in Ghana. They have a wide range of Chinese cuisines available. They currently have the Sweet Roses Marina mall branch and the Sweet Roses Restaurant, Spintex road opposite Papaye. Their takeaway sushi pack is one of their popular menu items. It is one of the most affordable sushi meals in Accra. Sweet Roses packages its sushi to make it very presentable and attractive. Their Marina mall branch has an amazing outdoor sitting area with a breath taking view.

Palace Chinese restaurant is one of the oldest Chinese restaurant in Accra. It is not only one of the best Chinese restaurant but one of the best restaurant in Accra. They currently have two branches in Accra; the Dzorwulu branch and the East Legon branch. They were part of the very first Chinese restaurant to set up in Accra. Palace Chinese restaurant is well noted for the delicious meals they prepare. They offer a wide range of Chinese cuisines as well. They have amazing Chinese set-up which gives the traditional Chinese feel/ ambiance.

Well so if you are in Accra and you want some good food to eat then these places should be your destination. Cheers