Cakes.. Cakes… Cakes….

Have you ever been stranded over getting a cake for an anniversary or have you been disappointed by a caterer at the last minute or have you had a cake you planned to use destroyed due to several unforeseen circumstances. I guess in one way or the other you can certainly relate to this. Well to save you the hustle and stress, when you encounter any of these and other unfortunate events, Pizarea cakes has been established to be your number one stop cake shop for all your cake shopping.

Talk about flavours; we have got them all, talk about sizes; there is absolutely no limitation, talk about design or decoration; we will certainly blow your mind. We have over five cake shops ready and willing to take your order and serve you. No matter how customised you want it. They will definitely deliver. These bake shops have been in the cake business since time immemorial. They know what you want even better than you do.

From the usual strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate cakes to red velvet, caramel, shaved coconut cake, ice cream cake and the likes, they can do it all and definitely do it better.

In addition to this, the fear of having your cake destroyed by couriers is eliminated since Pizarea delicately handles the safety and delivery of your cake. Having a sweet tooth has never been bad however, not satisfying your cravings; now that is bad and should never be tolerated.

So treat yourself, because you deserve it!… and give others a treat…Cheers!

Ghanaian food is simply to die for…

Ghanaian food - pizareaGhana is a mother- no two ways- and she feeds her young. She is blessed with multiculturalism, an indication of a chance to discover and uncover what each tribe has got to offer, especially lifestyle and food. Being endowed with fertile soil and a great tropical climate, Ghana offers an assortment of tastes that give nationals a chance to explore the pleasures that life has to offer.

Ghanaian foods are mainly carbohydrates served with a sizeable portion of protein, vitamins and minerals. Thus, a person may eat a high-carb main meal with a vitamin-packed sauce, stew or soup, engulfed with sizeable portions of meat or fish.

Rice and gari are staples within the country which are processed and cooked in different ways to attain a diverse variety of delicacies served as main meals. Major foods in Ghana include round foods made from milled or pounded tubers and cereals such as fufu, a popular Akan delicacy made from pounded cassava and plantain; tuozaafi which originates from Northern Ghana; banku which traces its origin to the Ga tribe; kokonte; gari eba; omotuo (rice balls) and kenkey from both  the Ga and Fante tribes.

Ghanaian food - pizarea 4These round foods are best served with soups such as groundnut soup, ebunuebunu, chicken light soup, dry fish light soup, beef light soup, palm nut soup, fisherman’s soup, okro soup, ayoyo soup among others. Among these, tuozaafi is best taken with ayoyo sauce. Kenkey and banku may also be eaten with hot grinded red, black or green pepper sauce accompanied with meat, fish or fried egg.

Other main dishes include boiled or fried yam, rice, cassava, cocoyam and plantain (ampesi). These may be eaten with stews and sauces. Such stews include kontomire, a nutritious delicacy rumoured to possess healing properties to diseases such as Ghanaian food - pizarea 3anaemia; tomato stew with meat, fish or mushroom; agushie stew; assorted vegetable stew; garden egg stew; meat stew or even fante- fante, which is a fresh fish stew by the Fante tribe. One pot dishes such as the nation’s favourite jollof rice, garifortor, acherker and mpotompoto are also delicious main meals that cannot be overlooked. Another meal enjoyed by Ghanaians is boiled beans with fried ripe plantain glazed with palm oil and sprinkled with crisp sweet-scented gari, a pocket-friendly meal available in every region.

Ghanaian food - pizareaGhanaian folks are generally known for their hospitality and friendliness.  It is easy to walk into neighbour’s house and get served with a portion of any of the above-mentioned meals. The trick is to be a nice person; the opposite works for people who are trying to lose weight too (just saying). But if your aim is to eat, try keeping up a smile.


By: Juliet Agyapong

Deals we live on

Recently people think promotions, sales, and discounts are a thing of the past. However, research shows that the demand for it now is skyrocketing. This goes to say that people are still interested in promotions and business need to take advantage of it in order to get loyal customers. Interestingly, there are some people who solely place their loyalty in certain products or businesses based on the sales and discounts they offer. 

Knowing this, Papa’s Pizza offers a promo called the Monday Madness. Where any large sized pizza available for sale there goes for just Ghc29. However without the promo, a large sized pizza costs between Ghc43 an Ghc56. If you have tasted Papa’s Pizza before then you will know what it means to lose out on such an offer. If you haven’t though this is the time for you to definitely try it out. Not only is it affordable but it is heavily loaded and delicious. This is a discount you definitely can’t sit out. You ought to be part of the game. So when a Monday comes just remember the Madness that comes with it at Papa’s Pizza and yours will never be an unfulfilled one.

However, should it be a Tuesday or Wednesday and you crave for another food promo. Then the Eddys Pizza Buy and Get One Free is yours for the taking. The amazing thing is that the promotion applies to everything they sell from pizza to rice, burgers, fries and sandwich. This promo is available at all their branches. With the exception of the Weija branch not offering it on Wednesdays. You must however take note that there is no delivery available for the freebies. To enjoy it you need to place a pick-up order on or the Pizarea app.

In addition, you get a discount of 5 percent off your next order anytime you refer a friend to place an order with Pizarea. So the more you refer, the higher your  discount.

Everyday of the week is promo day on Pizarea! Wonp3 wei na wop3 di3n?? Don’t miss out join the trail of fun!!!

Pizarea – making food ordering a delight-

New Features implemented this year

“Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” George Bernard Shaw

Pizarea is a platform that takes the interest of their customers to heart. In light of this, day by day we keep researching on ways to make your experience as smooth as possible as well as a pleasant one. Just like our motto, “we make food ordering a delight” and we certainly do not disappoint.

More Searching Options

To start with, customers can now search for the meal they want, the restaurant they want to order from or enter their location. Before this new feature, customers could enter location in the search bar. The reason for this new feature was due to the consistent requests from customers to search for the meal they want as well restaurant in order to facilitate the process. However, with Pizarea growing by the day, it is only fair that customers can easily find what they need rather than perusing through a list of restaurants generated to choose from.

Rider Assignment System 

In addition, Pizarea added rider assignation system. This new feature enables customers to receive the details of the dispatch rider conveying their food. This feature creates assurance and builds the trust of our customers in Pizarea. It has also helped for easy communication between the customers and the dispatch riders especially on new development such as a sudden change of location. It also builds a very well structured system for Pizarea.

Payment with Vouchers

Furthermore, customers can now make payment via vouchers. With this new feature, customers can request for vouchers to give to loved ones as gift cards. Also, customers are able to convert their money into a voucher to be used later. This promotes flexibility in payment for customers.

Pizarea Drivers

Being a local start-up, we are very conversant with the struggles in the economy. Due to this we created Pizarea Drivers as a complimentary Pizarea service to help people earn money through deliveries. If you have a motorbike, bicycle, or car you can register with Pizarea to make deliveries. This feature has given us a large pool of dispatch riders to make deliveries and this in turn has further reduced the time taken for customers to receive their orders.

Pop-ups Feature

Another amazing feature is the implementation pop-ups on the website. Customers are informed of promotions being run on the page as soon as they open the site. As well as any new development or information Pizarea wishes to convey to its customers. In addition to all the other channels used to inform our customers, pop-ups system helps to reach our customers and potential clients easily.

We will continue to implement changes that will continue to suit our customers since we are because you are. Satisfying the demand of our customers is a keen reason to keep striving for the best.

The year so far on partnerships and collaborations

This year has been a very fruitful one for Pizarea in terms of Third party partnerships. Impacting the society positively no matter how small, is what we mostly care about. In this day and age where time is a luxury, Pizarea seeks to make living much easier and less burdensome in the restaurant business. We are always looking for opportunities that can make us serve you and others better.

In light of this, we partnered with Uber, Gentleman radio and Joy business Van to carry out our aim of making food ordering a delight.


In the first quarter of the year, we partnered with Uber Ghana to give away free meal vouchers. This was earned by people who answered correctly some riddles on the Uber Ghana’s social media pages. We were honored to have partnered with Uber to carry out this project. They were a delight to work with and we will be doing more projects together in the near future.

Gentlemen Radio

gentleman radio with pizareaJust as Pizarea is a locally developed and funded program, we feel obliged to help people who are striving to make it in this tough economy. In light of this, we are proud sponsors of the Gentleman Radio Top 10 Underground Artistes show. Gentleman radio seeks to help nurture the talents of gifted underground artistes fighting tooth and nail to make it in the music industry. Pizarea understanding the struggle decided to support this program by boosting the morale of these talented young ones through sponsorship. Contributing our quota to society, is all we aim to achieve.

Joy Business Van

joy businessvan with pizareaIntrigued by how fast Pizarea is growing, Joy business van decided to conduct a full interview on Pizarea. Where the CEO, Desire Ameleke as well as the entire Pizarea team was interviewed and commended on the good work done. They were awed by the fact that the mobile application app and the website were fully developed in Ghana. The ordering process together with its en route activities were fully captured and recorded by the Joy Business Van. We are humbled to have made it to the list of Ghanaian Start-ups that inspire people.


pizarea with GIPCIn addition, the Ghana Investment and Promotion Centre, GIPC organized the maiden edition of Young Entrepreneurs Ghana this year. Pizarea was selected to participate in the event through a rigorous selection process. The event provided the opportunity for showcasing the Pizarea application and website, as well as mentoring. The program also presented a networking platform for the Young Entrepreneurs.  The program thus sort to achieve their theme “connect, accelerate and grow” and they did.

Speakers such as the CEO of McDan Shipping Ghana, CEO of Hubtel, Co-founder of Express pay, CEO of Kasapreko among other top entrepreneurs shared their experiences in the business field which served as an inspiration to the young ones. Among other start up that were showcased their products during the exhibition Pizarea got a lot of recognition and won the admiration of all those who participated.

It has been a good year, and we hope to attain greater heights in the coming years.

buy food online in accra with cashless payment

Diary of a Ghanaian Foodie

pizarea foodis

Ghana is blessed with resources – both for the pocket and for the stomach. What you prefer is based solely on who you are, what you believe in, among others. I prefer to deal first with my stomach, although others may argue that the former is the means to the latter. I have no reason and I can’t attempt to explain. I am what I am- a lover of food, a foodie.

Cambridge Dictionary defines a foodie as a person who loves food and is very interested in different kinds of food. I love food; I am very interested in different kinds of food; and therefore I am a foodie. I don’t blame me, I blame my mother and after I explain myself, you will blame her too. I grew up in an average home where choice was a luxury. We did not get to be picky, especially with food. My siblings and I ate as much as we wanted daily from what was served us, not daring to complain or to make a counter request. Typically, the average African home is like that. You eat what you are served or you attract a punch. My mother’s punch was brutal and I was no fool to let it come my way. So, I grew up like this, appreciating the smallest things that contain nutrients.

It is not hard to be a foodie in Ghana, a country with so many tribes, each having their own mouth-watering delicacies that are both pleasing to the eye and to the gut. Ghanaian foods are mainly manually-processed carbohydrate foods, usually accompanied by sumptuous stews and soups, with an added element of protein to suit one’s taste. Each tribe seems to have a little nutritive surprise for the other’s taste buds so much so that one is forced to remain at peace with his brother for the benefits of his belly. In fact, if there ever was a driving force behind Ghana’s long-known peace, I would not hesitate to point fingers at our food.

Our multiculturalism as a country has definitely played a role in making us an embodiment of peace and unity. Think of it- You fight your brother from a different tribe at your very own risk. Food is the glue that keeps us alive and together and as long as I remain an advocate for peace, I will continue to honour food the way it should. I am not saying I have a voracious appetite for food; I am no glutton. I am just a lover of food, a proud foodie.

By Juliet Agyapong

The recent pork/domedo craze; Order from Pork Office.

In recent times there has been a craze, an intense desire for pork (domedo) to the extent that there is a grilled or fried pork vendor or food joint on most every street in Accra and even now a pork festival. This has taken over the “abokyi craze” that lasted for so long. Wondering the reason for this sudden craze for domedo… probably most people are just fed up of chicken and fish. Almost every restaurant of food joint is now incorporating pork into their menu. While others are fully setting up as a pork food joint such as Pork Office.

Pork Office

Pork Office is one of the best food joints available in Accra and Tema. It is located on the Spintex road at the community 18 junction opposite KFC. It is one of the best hangouts in Accra. They are famous for the delicious Jollof rice and spicy pork which has been tagged as the best among the rest. Pork Office also has Chicken and Fish to suit and satisfy the hunger of their customers who do not like pork.

Pork Office prides itself with serving the best spicy pork with the other side dishes that comes with it. The Pork is very well spiced, has no fat and attractively served that it will certainly leave you wanting more. Their customer service is second to none. Their waiters and waitresses are patient, serviceable and pay extreme attention to details. They treat their customers like the royalty they are. Pork Office is such a pleasant family that always makes their customers feel very comfortable dining with them.

In addition, they have an outdoor sitting area and a parking lot for customers to enjoy a nice view of the Spintex while enjoying their delicious meals. Pork Office not only serves delicious meals but they adhere to strict hygienic conditions to ensure their customers get nothing but best from them. Also, they have a very simplified menu which makes it easier for customers to choose from. Their food portions are huge and greatly satisfying and extremely affordable. They also pride themselves in always putting the needs of their customers first.


Being on Pizarea, allows customers to place orders online via the web, app or call in and have it delivered to them at a location they choose or order to pick up later at the restaurant in order to skip queues they might possibly face. It is fast, safe and reliable. Since payment is allowed on the platform, it even makes it more convenient since mobile money can be used without any hustle.

Pork Office is definitely the place to be when looking for good food, sensational music and a relaxing atmosphere. Browse their menu, order and have it delivered to your doorstep quickly with ease.

The New Dawn Of Online Food Ordering

It was at the end of the month and as usual I couldn’t wait to receive my salary from my parents. I always make enormous plans for it before it gets to hand and this month wasn’t an exception. Immediately I received an alert on my phone indicating a transfer of money into my mobile money account from my parents. I jumped off my bed and shouted “the wait is over “which was nothing new to my roommates at all. I sped off to Akosua’s (my best friend) room at Jean Nelson hall to break the news since she knew I had no money on me.

While waiting for her at the potters lodge, I watched the advertisement screen and behold, “PIZAREA “popped up. It was an ONLINE FOOD ORDERING PLATFORM. Well, a food lover will always be enthused about anything related to food and so I didn’t hesitate to call.

Sarcastically, I asked if I could order for fufu with goat light soup and have it delivered to Legon campus and interestingly they said yes. So I proceeded with the order. For a moment, I was sceptical but since I had nothing to lose at the end I wasn’t bothered.

My friend came in few minutes later but I didn’t mention a word. In approximately 30 minutes after I placed the order, a dispatch rider called to inform me that he was waiting for me downstairs. Mmm ….and I said to myself so this is real.  I went to pick up the food, paid and went back to Akosua’s room. She was more surprised than I was since she didn’t see it coming. I explained everything to her and indeed, it was a great afternoon and we enjoyed every bit of the meal. From that day forward, we started ordering on pizarea.

Subsequently, I was told PIZAREA is an online food ordering app on play store and so I was encouraged to download it since it will make my food ordering easier. I hesitated initially but eventually, I downloaded it. The app supports at least 30 restaurants which have various delicacies ranging from continental dishes to local dishes. It didn’t exempt my favourite banku with grilled tilapia from living room and imperial special fried rice from Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant.

Indeed, I was surprised when I found out that I could make payment via all mobile money networks and also have someone outside the country order food for me and make payment through world remit. Also, Pizarea delivery has proven to be incredibly swift and timely. Above all, pizarea delivery does not burden you with your location. It will deliver at your doorstep, campuses, offices, wherever the need be they go the extra mile to give you value for your money.

In all, pizarea has made online food ordering easier, bigger, better and more convenient. Wouldn’t you rather count on their services…it is tested and trusted. PIZAREA!!! Always making food ordering a delight!


By Adjoa

(A consistent Pizarea customer)

Dough Man Foods and Doughnuts in Accra

Dough Man foods solely sells doughnuts. They make and sell American-style doughnuts, but with a Ghanaian twist. They have flavors available for every occasion from their Rainbow Storm doughnuts, that adds colour to your day, or keeping you company in a traffic jam with our Jammy doughnuts, every situation is covered – with flavour. Located in the heart of Dzorwulu, they seek to serve everyone who desires their doughnuts. Even though they sell only doughnuts it is becoming the best and most sought after patisserie.

Moreover, their recipes are inspired by Ghana’s traditional doughnuts called “bofloat”. After munching on a roll of the Dough Man’s doughnut, you are left with an insatiable desire for more. They win over the hearts of their customers with every bite of doughnut they take.

Also, their doughnuts with traditional pairings like Hausa Koko, Asaana or as refreshments at corporate gatherings with tea and coffee is simply amazing and breathtaking…The combination possibilities are endless.

Know them better

Dough Man - PizareaDough Man Foods prepares the doughnuts under strict hygiene conditions which are then carefully and neatly packaged and delivered to the customer’s doorstep. From satisfying your craving to surprising a loved one, to earning a favour…Dough Man’s doughnuts is just rightly suited for these and more. During festive seasons or special occasions the doughnuts can be customised in alphabetical shapes to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

Besides, Dough Man has excellent customer service and strive to ensure quality products no matter the circumstances. They deliver good value for your tasting pleasure. Dough Man’s Doughnuts are made daily with you in mind. In addition, the doughnuts comes in a package of 5 or 10 in a box. They are packaged attractively that makes it look like a gift presented to its customers. Customers can select the flavors they want and it will be delivered to them.

Dough Man and Pizarea

Being on Pizarea allows customers who love Doughnuts so much to order the doughnuts with the varied toppings online and have it delivered to them. The delivery is fast, safe, convenient and reliable. Whether at home or in the office, your delicious Dough Man Donuts can always be delivered to you.

Each bite sinks your teeth into a delightful chunk of bliss! Excite your taste buds today with Dough Man Doughnuts! Enjoy the best doughnuts in Accra. Enjoy our kneaded taste today!