Best Pizza Loved by Most Ghanaians in Accra and Tema

One of the best things the Italians could gift the world was Pizza! From the time of its discovery till date it has gained widespread popularity all over the world. It is a meal perfect for every group of people for every type of occasion. Whether you want to surprise your wife on her birthday or you want to organise an office party, Pizza is just perfect! Worldwide this meal has become a household name… I cannot think of anything type of Pizza I’d call my best pizza, but there’s no doubt that most people have their favourites.

Especially in our country Ghana were Pizza seems to be gaining ground most have identified their best pizza. They have identified favourites in the type of Pizza Restaurant they prefer, in the type of pizza they want, even down to the type of crust they prefer. People enjoy pizza from restaurants including Papa’s Pizza, Eddys Pizza, and Pizzavella. Because of how high the demand for pizza has become in Ghana, most restaurants that are not originally pizzerias are adding pizza to their menu. In restaurants such as Marwako Fast Food, Frankie’s, Coco Vanilla pizza is now served.

Best Pizza Choices

Most types of pizza contain cheese, meat, vegetables and tomato sauce. For each type that is ordered it could contain a mix of these three or a mix of a particular ingredient. For instance, one pizza may contain different types of meat like pork, chicken and beef alongside some cheese. From these varieties customers have identified their best pizza.

Meat lovers Pizza/Meat Eater Pizza 

According to a research done by Pizarea, one of the most ordered pizza types is either meat-lovers pizza from Eddys Pizza or the meat-eater pizza from Papa’s Pizza. These types of pizza contain different types of meat including juicy beef, sausage, chicken, pepperoni and ham. Most Ghanaians’ best pizza is meat pizza; this finding is definitely not surprising at all…

All Seasons Pizza/Papa’s Full House

For the best experience, customers go for pizza that have all the toppings the restaurant is willing to offer. Eddys Pizza provide their customers with Supreme Pizza which contains a mixture of meat and vegetables. They also have Ten-Topping Pizza which contains as its namesake says ten (10) different toppings including a mixture of meat, vegetables and even fruits. Papa’s Pizza also have a type of pizza they call Papa’s Full House with different types of toppings on it. It is no wonder these types of pizza are people’s best pizza!

BBQ Pizza

For the ones with a tongue for spicy stuff like myself, BBQ Pizza is the best pizza! BBQ lovers and Texas BBQ from Papa’s Pizza contains seasoned meat, some vegetable and barbecue sauce. Eddys Pizza will give you great BBQ Chicken pizza. They have attested to the fact that most people order these.

Other Types

Other types of pizza ordered as best pizza include Pepperoni Passion, Chicken Delight Pizza, Papa’s Special, and Americano Pizza. 

If you haven’t tried any type of the pizzas listed above I suggest the next time you enter a pizza restaurant you order one of them. They are people’s favourites because they must certainly be tasty! If you’re looking to recommend pizza to anyone I’m sure you can recommend from the above mentioned. Feel Free to explore!

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