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Reasons why you should order pizza online from Pizarea.


Looking for where to order pizza online?  Order online from

Pizarea is an online food ordering platform available as an app on AppStore, Google play store, and Huawei App Gallery. Also, it is available as a website (

Users who have downloaded the app can register, log in, go online and get the chance to view and access different local and fast food restaurants, explore their menu options, order food online and have it delivered to them anywhere and anytime.

Pizarea promises users a stress-free, customer-friendly experience, and here’s why you should also join the thousands of Pizarea users today!

Order Pizza online via our call center for rapid response and assistance

Pizarea, unlike other online food platforms, offers customer support with their orders through a call center and customer service representatives. This is to help make the food ordering experience easy and seamless.

Customers can call Pizarea’s through the “connect with us” icon on their profile and have a customer service agent attend to them.

In addition, the customer can also request to have an order scheduled for a particular date and time and the agents will put in the request for them. Convenient right?

Dial a short code to order Pizza offline.

order pizza online
Order food online from Pizarea.

Customers can dial *920*61# on their handsets to view promotions, place an order, or request a callback. This means that customers without smartphones are not left out of the Pizarea experience.

They can simply dial the short code and access the platform’s services to either order food or receive assistance. Moreover,  when a customer experiences internet challenges and hence cannot access the platform’s app or website online, they can opt to use Pizarea’s shortcode instead. Genius!

Order  Pizza online via Whatsapp Channel.

Again, customers can also order food online via chat on WhatsApp number (0242724347) and get a customer service representative to instantly take their orders.

Additionally, customers can also forward their complaints or challenges via the same channel to get assistance.

In conclusion, pizarea’s tagline is to make food ordering a delight for our customers which is why we have various channels for them to order food for their convenience and comfort.

Here are a few pizza restaurants available on Papa’s pizza, Cheezzy pizza, Eddys Pizza, Pizza Inn, Pizzavella, and Artist Pizza.

Will you order your pizza online from Pizarea? Which of our channels will you use and why?



Papa’s Pizza Ghana is a Ghanaian pizza company that has been in operation for over a decade. Papa’s Pizza is one of the country’s largest and most popular pizza restaurants.

Honestly, Papa’s Pizza has excellent customer service and extremely efficient delivery service.

With great customer service, dedicated employees, fan base, and community, they serve the most delicious, fresh meals, and their service is quick and dependable.

Here are some pizza types available on Papa’s Pizza menu:

Papa no (No pork), Ghana Jollof, Meateater, Opana.  Other menu items include fried Chicken wings and fries.

Papa’s Pizza does not only serve  Pizza and chicken, they also serve rice dishes such as Jollof rice and fried rice and this makes the customer spoilt for choice

There are currently twelve (12) branches of Papa’s Pizza Ghana available on, these branches include;

Papa’s Pizza East Legon (Headquarters), Papa’s Pizza North Legon, Papa’s Pizza Spintex, Papa’s Pizza Weija, Papa’s Pizza Osu, Papa’s Pizza Ring Road, Papa’s Pizza Tema, Papa’s Pizza Dome, Papa’s Pizza Dansoman, Papa’s Pizza Community 25, Papa’s Pizza Community 4, Papa’s Pizza Kwabenya, Papa’s Pizza Dome & Papa’s Pizza North Legon

The customer can choose to pick up their orders or have it delivered to their preferred location



Online Food Ordering Made Easy and Convenient.
Dial *920*61# to order your favorite meals on Pizarea

Pizarea Ghana has become a household name when it comes to ordering food online. Many customers as a result are gradually shifting from the traditional way of walking into a restaurant to get food. Customers prefer ordering food and have it delivered in the comfort of their homes. Here are frequently asked questions about Pizarea.


Ordering food online has been made easy. Not only by restaurants but by third-party delivery companies such as Pizarea. One can order by downloading the Pizarea App, or via the shortcode: *920*61#.  You can also call 0577690493 / 0242724347 and order food online.


Online Pizza Ordering Made Easy and Convenient.
Order pizza online from your favorite restaurant on Pizarea for swift delivery.

Quite a number of restaurants offer their online. Although there is still the option of dining in, ordering food online tends to create convenience for both the restaurant as well as the customer.

Here are some restaurants available online. Papa’s Pizza, Eddy’s Pizza, Pizza Inn, Munchys, Pizzahut, Pizzaman Chickenman, Barcelos, Pizzavella, Dominos, Mawarko, Cheezzy Pizza, and Capitol, just to mention a few. There are Chinese restaurants such as Noble House Chinese restaurant, Sweet roses restaurant, and Palace Chinese restaurant available online.


Pizarea has the menus of over 100 restaurants in Ghana.  The major ones are Papa’s Pizza menu, Mawarko menu, Cheezzy Pizza Menu, Munchys menu, and Eddy’s pizza menu.

Food ordering app
Order your mouthwatering meals on the Pizarea app

Pizarea supports online payments (MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money, Tigo Cash, and VISA/MasterCard Bank Cards) and Cash Payments.



Pizza restaurant locations in Ghana have grown over the years.  These locations have been of tremendous convenience for most Ghanaians, making life comfortable for many.

Pizarea Gh has also made it simple for you to choose from a variety of restaurants where you’d like to purchase your preferred pizza and you’re spoiled for choice with restaurants such as Papa’s Pizza, Pizza Inn, Cheezzy, Eddy’s, and many more.

We have, in this article, listed a number of pizza restaurants in Ghana at the moment together with their respective locations.


Papa's Pizza Delivery
Order tasty pizzas online from Papa’s on Pizarea

Papa’s Pizza Ghana is a Ghanaian pizza company that has been in operation for over a decade. It is one of the country’s largest and most popular pizza restaurants.

They have excellent customer service and extremely efficient delivery service, serving the most delicious, fresh meals, and their service is quick and dependable.

There are currently twelve (12) Papa’s Pizza locations. These locations include Papa’s Pizza East Legon (Headquarters), Papa’s Pizza North Legon, Papa’s Pizza Spintex, Papa’s Pizza Weija, Papa’s Pizza Osu, Papa’s Pizza Ring Road, Papa’s Pizza Tema, Papa’s Pizza  Dome, Papa’s Pizza Dansoman, Papa’s Pizza Community 25, Papa’s Pizza Adenta Rowi Junction, and Papa’s Pizza Kwabenya.


Cheezzy Pizza is owned by Harvest Diversified Limited. They deliver hot delicious pizzas, burgers, rice meals, desserts, pastries, and drinks to your taste, offering delivery, pickup, and dine-in services.

There are currently thirteen (13) Cheezzy Pizza locations. These locations include Cheezzy Pizza East Legon, Ring Road Central, Osu, Afienya, Kwashieman, Sahara Dansoman, Lapaz, Spintex & Haatso. Ashaiman, Adenta, Kasoa, & Hansonic Dansoman


Pizzaman Chickenman is a fully owned Ghanaian company that aims at serving the people of Ghana and Africa with the best of meals, with the aim of making quality and tasty food accessible and affordable.

There are currently twenty (20) Pizzaman Chickenman branches, all in Kumasi & Accra. The locations in Accra include East Legon, Awoshie & Weija, Dansoman, Kasoa, North Kaneshie, Spintex &Tema, not forgetting EastLegon Hills, UPSA & Ashongman. The branches in Kumasi KNUST, Sofoline, Ahodwo, Suame Maakro, Tanoso, Dakodwom, Buokrom, Pankrono , Afrifa Junction & Kissieman


Pizza Hut is an international Pizza company. Pizzahut is all based in Ghana with five (5) branches at the moment.

These branches are, Pizzahut East Legon, UPSA, Ashaiman, North Kaneshie, Marina Mall, and Palms Square.

Domino’s Pizza Ghana

Domino’s Pizza Ghana runs on a free delivery policy. Domino’s delivered over 400 million pizzas last year also, they operate over 11,000 pizza places in more than 80 countries dedicated to providing great-tasting pizza for takeaway or delivered to your door.  Their stores are located at

  1. Osu, Oxford Street. Above Koala Supermarket. Accra. Ghana
  2. East Legon, 21 Boundary Road

Some of our top-selling pizzas are Pepperoni, Extravaganza, Chicken Feast, Meatzza, and BBQ Meat Lovers

You can place your orders from these pizza restaurant locations by dialing the shortcode (*920*61#) or visiting the website: For more information, please call 0577690493 or 0242724347.

At Pizarea, we make food ordering a delight.



Online food ordering is a process of ordering food, for delivery or pickup, from a website, a mobile app, or other available channels. Food ordered online is usually fast food.

Pizza Inn
Order Online


“Online fast-food ordering and delivery have become the norm, due to the convenience, accuracy, and ability to integrate payments. At scale, on-demand and subscription delivery of prepared food could potentially spell the end of cooking at home.

Based on current trends, one can say that COVID-19 significantly boosted online fast-food ordering and delivery worldwide.  This has become a trend since the times of a ‘lockdown’ and other social restrictions.  During these times, most people almost preferred to order food online, usually fast foods. According to research conducted by the NDP Group, online restaurant ordering is growing 300% faster than dine-in traffic.

Rocomamas Accra on Pizarea


Customers have become used to ordering fast foods online and receiving them from the comfort of their homes. They order via the restaurant’s websites, mobile apps, or social media platforms. Other channels are third-party delivery companies affiliated with the restaurant. These third parties use mobile apps, websites, and other channels to make it possible for clients to reach their preferred restaurant.

A number of restaurants have accepted and adopted the use of online channels to order food. This is as a result of less dine-in traffic it renders them. Examples of fast food restaurants that have adopted this trend are Papa’s Pizza, Doughman food, Pizzahut,  Pizzaman Chickenman, and Eddy’s Pizza amongst others.

Order your pizzas from Papa's Pizza Adenta branch on Pizarea


Due to the increased demand by customers to get their food delivered on time, restaurants have collaborated with third-party delivery companies to satisfy customers. These third-party companies also come in a form of an app and a website. These platforms allow customers to place orders indirectly at the restaurant and still have them delivered to them.

Some third-party fast-food delivery companies in Ghana are Pizarea, Glovo, Bolt Food, etc.


Pizza Delivery In Accra – Major Pizza Brands

pizza delivery Introduction

Over the past two decades, fast food brands have grown largely in many developing countries. Across Africa, fast food restaurants have spread at a rapid rate. This is driven by rising income levels, rapid urbanization, and changing eating habits and lifestyles of individuals.

In Ghana, the restaurant sector represents one of the largest and fastest-growing industries, increasing at an annual rate of 20%. There has also been an expansion of informal fast-food outlets that sell fried rice and jollof rice with fried chicken. They are mostly on the streets of many urban areas in Ghana. One of the fastest-growing fast foods in Ghana however is Pizza.

Pizza, generally, is one meal that brings smiles to everyone’s face, including children & adults. It can be eaten at any time, anywhere. For occasions like birthday parties, family reunions, or a simple date, pizza is the best-fit meal. Pizza delivery services make it possible for Pizza to be consumed anywhere at any time.

Pizza Restaurants pizza delivery

The consumption of Pizza, as well as pizza delivery service in Ghana, has grown over the years with many pizza restaurants springing up. These restaurants make it possible for their customers to dine in at the restaurant or have it delivered to them. Some of the major pizza restaurants in Ghana include Papa’s Pizza (with 12 branches in Accra), Eddy’s Pizza (10 branches), Cheezzy Pizza (10 branches), Pizzaman Chickenman (10 branches), Pizza hut, Pizza Inn, Chicken Inn (9 branches), etc. These restaurants have become household names for many Ghanaians who crave pizza at any point in time.

Pizza Delivery

There has been an increase in demand for pizza delivery by customers in recent times. This is sometimes due to the usual ‘traffic’ at pizza restaurants. Customers prefer their orders to be brought to them in the comfort of their homes. Nonetheless, these restaurants make it a priority to serve customers in the comfort of their homes with the use of delivery companies/services. One of the major food ordering & delivery services these restaurants rely on is Pizarea among others.



Pizarea is an online pizza and food ordering platform available as a mobile application on the Google Play store and as a website. It enables people to access nearby restaurants, browse their menu, place orders with them and have them delivered to their doorstep. It has the fastest and most convenient pizza delivery service. Pizarea, unlike other food ordering platforms, delivers anywhere that customers call. However, despite the online presence of Pizarea, customers without an internet connection are able to order pizza using a USSD (*920*61#) platform created by the brand. Pizarea certainly makes food ordering a delight.