Online food delivery service


The rapid advancement of internet technology has boosted Online food delivery service, resulting in massive changes in consumer lifestyle and society as a whole.

The process of ordering food from local restaurants, online food mobile applications, or web pages and having it delivered to a specific location is known as online food delivery services.

Third-party applications such as Pizarea, Glovo, Jumia, Uber Eats, Bolt Food, among others provide an online space to host restaurants.

This has given restaurants such as Papa’s Pizza, Pizza Inn, Sweet Roses Chinese Restaurant, Cheezzy Pizza, Eddys Pizza, Barcelos, Dimaensa, Nima Chow, Jerks, and Carbs, and so on now an online presence.

They can display their menus online increasing accessibility to customers at the same time providing them an option for ordering and delivery.

Pizarea Food Ordering app


Pizarea, as an online food delivery platform that enables customers to search for their preferred restaurants, choose available products, and order for delivery to wherever they want.

This can be done at the customer’s convenience either via phone, through the Pizarea App, or via the website (

People’s preference for online food delivery service has grown as a result of the convenience provided by innovative technology in terms of space and time.

Convenience and reliability are everything now in our current pace of life. People have become more enlightened as a result of advanced technologies and internet penetration.

Pizarea Food Ordering App
Order meals online on the Pizarea app

Online Food Delivery Service

Being able to provide variety on one platform is the way to go now. For food, if you’re looking for a place where you can browse through multiple menus offering multiple cuisines, Pizarea is the app to use!

At Pizarea, we offer our clients a wider variety of cuisines ranging from Chinese, Lebanese, Mexican, Turkish, continental, and of course the favorite Ghanaian local dishes that everyone loves.

Our ordering process is simply seamless. So, don’t be hesitant to use Pizarea to order excellent meals from your favorite restaurant for delivery or pick-up.

Online Food Ordering Made Easy and Convenient.
Order food online from your favorite restaurant on Pizarea for a swift delivery.

Pizarea meets the needs of city dwellers by proving that you can be anywhere and at the tap of your phone, you can have your food delivered to you quickly and simply without any hassle.

Office workers working long hours don’t have to worry about food anymore. Everything is online and right at their fingertips!

You can place an order through the Pizarea website, the *920*61# short code, or the Pizarea app, which is available on Google Play and the App Store.

You can also get out to us via social media (pizareagh on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) or phone (0577690493/0242724347).

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