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The year so far on partnerships and collaborations

This year has been a very fruitful one for Pizarea in terms of Third party partnerships. Impacting the society positively no matter how small, is what we mostly care about. In this day and age where time is a luxury, Pizarea seeks to make living much easier and less burdensome in the restaurant business. We are always looking for opportunities that can make us serve you and others better.

In light of this, we partnered with Uber, Gentleman radio and Joy business Van to carry out our aim of making food ordering a delight.


In the first quarter of the year, we partnered with Uber Ghana to give away free meal vouchers. This was earned by people who answered correctly some riddles on the Uber Ghana’s social media pages. We were honored to have partnered with Uber to carry out this project. They were a delight to work with and we will be doing more projects together in the near future.

Gentlemen Radio

gentleman radio with pizareaJust as Pizarea is a locally developed and funded program, we feel obliged to help people who are striving to make it in this tough economy. In light of this, we are proud sponsors of the Gentleman Radio Top 10 Underground Artistes show. Gentleman radio seeks to help nurture the talents of gifted underground artistes fighting tooth and nail to make it in the music industry. Pizarea understanding the struggle decided to support this program by boosting the morale of these talented young ones through sponsorship. Contributing our quota to society, is all we aim to achieve.

Joy Business Van

joy businessvan with pizareaIntrigued by how fast Pizarea is growing, Joy business van decided to conduct a full interview on Pizarea. Where the CEO, Desire Ameleke as well as the entire Pizarea team was interviewed and commended on the good work done. They were awed by the fact that the mobile application app and the website were fully developed in Ghana. The ordering process together with its en route activities were fully captured and recorded by the Joy Business Van. We are humbled to have made it to the list of Ghanaian Start-ups that inspire people.


pizarea with GIPCIn addition, the Ghana Investment and Promotion Centre, GIPC organized the maiden edition of Young Entrepreneurs Ghana this year. Pizarea was selected to participate in the event through a rigorous selection process. The event provided the opportunity for showcasing the Pizarea application and website, as well as mentoring. The program also presented a networking platform for the Young Entrepreneurs.  The program thus sort to achieve their theme “connect, accelerate and grow” and they did.

Speakers such as the CEO of McDan Shipping Ghana, CEO of Hubtel, Co-founder of Express pay, CEO of Kasapreko among other top entrepreneurs shared their experiences in the business field which served as an inspiration to the young ones. Among other start up that were showcased their products during the exhibition Pizarea got a lot of recognition and won the admiration of all those who participated.

It has been a good year, and we hope to attain greater heights in the coming years.

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