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Pizarea As An Advocate Of Cashless Payments


Over the years the world has moved from a cash/paper society to a cashless/paperless one. From cash to check, to credit cards and debit cards and now online banking and mobile commerce payment methods. The rise of mobile phone penetration is changing the way businesses accept payments. Cashless payments is the newly adopted trend.

Difficulties so far

However in Africa and indeed Ghana, the response to accepting this mobile trend(cashless payments) has been slow. Due to limitations such as low internet penetration, high illiteracy rate, increased corruption, high standard of living and the general lack of trust in our notable institutions,etc. We have only made but a slow progress in moving with this global trend.

On our side of the continent, it has been discovered that quite a substantial number of people have expressed some misgivings about online payments or transactions. This is due to certain past experiences and lack of trust in the system. People feel more secure with physical cash than keeping it in an invisible account. Instead of using online payment methods for their transactions, they feel more comfortable going the traditional way of using cash.

Reasons for Adaptation

Nevertheless, when it comes to accepting cashless payments for goods and services, mobile payments is becoming a major technological driver in Ghana. This is mainly because according to GhIPSS, over 80 percent of businesses in the country are SMEs controlling about 50 percent of the total cash in the economy. This is one of the major reasons why Pizarea has embedded this into its system in the form of accepting payments via Mobile Money, Visa Cards, MasterCard etc. to serve majority of the Ghanaian populace. Moreover, it is mostly in the interest of the customers to purchase food on Pizarea without any hustle. There is no need to drive to a restaurant to buy food, or to stress about not having cash when hungry. Pizarea has solved this problem by accepting these payments online. It is convenient, secure and “wahala” free…

Pizarea and Cashless payments


Pizarea believes in the drive to move Ghana into a cashless society. We believe that in this dynamic business world, the ability to rapidly adapt to new technologies that boost sales at the same time being extremely convenient to its customers would be a major distinguishing factor between businesses that would grow in the future and those that would become redundant in the long run. It is in this light that we at Pizarea want to be one of the businesses spearheading this global phenomenon. We have tried and tested and we have not been disappointed. In our daily transactions with our customers we have realised that most of our customers who find out about the online payment portals on Pizarea breathe a sigh of relief. Indeed, cashless payment is the way forward.

In addition, it gives opportunity to those abroad to pay with their cards or via mobile money without any hustle. It allows people to buy food for others despite their different locations; busy and even forgetful individuals are able to plan a surprise for loved ones ahead of time with Pizarea. The benefits of this cashless payments is numerous and varied both for Pizarea and its customers. The movement of money between customers and merchants on our site is absolutely smooth…

Consequently, buying food online in Accra has never been easier. Join the family today and have a hustle free life. Buy food from the best restaurants in Accra, enjoy fast delivery, all at the comfort of your home or office with Pizarea. We only seek to make food ordering a delight!

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