Order Online on all Platforms, Pizarea USSD Launched!!!

Pizarea is particularly an online food ordering platform that can only be accessed via the internet and by the use of a smartphone. That is to say for people who do not have access to the internet or a smartphone, it will be impossible to use the platform. In our part of the world this implies that there is a large customer base that is going unserved. A lot of people in Ghana work in the informal sector. These people still prefer to use feature phones, which we call in Ghana “Yam” phones. To breach the gap and to satisfy all customers, Pizarea has introduced the Pizarea USSD code.

What is the Pizarea USSD?

The Pizarea short code *920*61# is available on all networks and on all types of phones. The good thing about it is that you don’t need to buy data to use the shortcode. It is one of the fastest, cheapest, and simplest ways to order your food. All you need to know is the Pizarea USSD code, *920*61#. For new customers, they’d be asked to enter their name. Because they are using a working number to dial the USSD, there is no need to enter the phone number. They will be signed up immediately after! However, existing customers will see a welcome message as well as options describing what they can do on the platform. They will be given the choice to check existing promotions, place an order, or request a callback.


The Promotions Option will tell customers about existing promos running on the day in question. For every day there are separate promos. Some of these promos include Eddys Pizza Buy and Get One Free Promo, Pizza Inn Terrific Tuesday Promo, and Chicken Inn Wonder Wednesday. This option will make ordering for these promos easily accessible to customers.

Place An Order

The Place an Order Option on the Pizarea USSD will display some of the top restaurants on the platform including Papa’s Pizza, Pizza Inn, Eddys Pizza, Pizza Hut, and the like to customers. From some of these restaurants, customers will be able to easily order top favorites directly on the USSD. However for some of the restaurants listed, customers will be called immediately after a request has been put in.

Request Call Back

The Request Call Back Option is valid for customers who will want to check the status of an order that has already been placed, make an inquiry, or report an issue. Customers can use this option too when they want to place their orders from restaurants that don’t appear on the list.


The Pizarea USSD has officially been launched and it’s available to all customers; no stress, no hassle, just dial *920*61#…

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