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Online Payment?

Online Payments

Online Payment is basically collecting payments over the internet or electronically. Invoice Berry defines online payment as an electronic exchange of currency for purchased goods or services which are facilitated by payment gateways or payment service providers

The How…

Online payment has to be done over a concealed connection so as to reduce the possibility of information theft thus, having personal and billing information stolen. Making a payment casoola ceske casino online can be done by entering payment information (e.g., debit card, credit card, PayPal details) into an online checkout form in order to make payment. The payment gateway then securely sends the transaction to the processor (e.g., Visa) who verifies and approves the transaction. The customer’s bank sends money to the processor who in turn sends money to the merchant’s bank. The merchant receives the message of approval or denial from the processor. If the transaction is approved, then the merchant receives money for the item sold.

Online Payment

Online Payment and Businesses

The methods offered to customers when it comes to online payment can have an enormous effect on the success of every business. The way payment is accepted from customers does not only affect revenue but also the growth of the business.

Businesses have to deeply understand the options available to them in accepting online payment. Some of the things to take into consideration are options (methods) available to the business, how those methods work, how the chosen payment option affects the business, and how to choose suitable payment options.

Types and Examples

The methods frequently used are Bank Debits (also known as Direct debit), Bank Transfers (also known as a wire transfer), Online debit or credit card transactions, and Digital wallet payments (like PayPal).

Paystack, Express pay, Interpay, Slydepay, and Myghpay, The teller is amongst the top ten (10) best payment gateways in Ghana to accept online payment.


One may argue that online payment is not worth the hype because it makes customers vulnerable to cybercriminals. It also causes inconvenience when there are internet or technical problems.

Why it’s Important

Some of the reasons most people will opt for online payment override the argument of its negativity. First and foremost, the online transaction gives fast feedback to both customers and merchants. Also, online payments generally go straight into the bank account, reducing the risk of theft. Online payment promotes instant payment, bridges the gap of restriction, and allows customers to buy goods and services without having to be present physically.

Online Payment on Pizarea
Pay with mobile money or card on Pizarea

Online Payments on Pizarea

Pizarea is a platform that allows customers to order food from restaurants, far and near, and have it delivered to them at their very doorstep. Pizarea facilitates the use of online payment – you can pay for your food online without hassle! Even though customers have an option of paying offline, most customers like to use online payment because of how convenient it is. Also, not having to think about looking for a smaller denomination or having the exact amount in hand for dispatch riders when the food is delivered is a huge relief.

Pizarea has made a lot of options available for customers who want to perform transactions using online payment. Some of the online payment options available on Pizarea are MTN mobile money, Airtel money, Vodafone Cash, World remit, Visa, and Mastercard.

In Conclusion

The world is evolving and technology has come to stay as part of human life. Everything in the world is now linked to technology in one way or the other. Businesses are also evolving with technology and trying to use technology to make transacting business easier for customers. Online Payment is a technology that can no longer be ignored by both individuals and businesses. Embracing it is the way to go!


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