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The recent pork/domedo craze; Order from Pork Office.

In recent times there has been a craze, an intense desire for pork (domedo) to the extent that there is a grilled or fried pork vendor or food joint on most every street in Accra and even now a pork festival. This has taken over the “abokyi craze” that lasted for so long. Wondering the reason for this sudden craze for domedo… probably most people are just fed up of chicken and fish. Almost every restaurant of food joint is now incorporating pork into their menu. While others are fully setting up as a pork food joint such as Pork Office.

Pork Office

Pork Office is one of the best food joints available in Accra and Tema. It is located on the Spintex road at the community 18 junction opposite KFC. It is one of the best hangouts in Accra. They are famous for the delicious Jollof rice and spicy pork which has been tagged as the best among the rest. Pork Office also has Chicken and Fish to suit and satisfy the hunger of their customers who do not like pork.

Pork Office prides itself with serving the best spicy pork with the other side dishes that comes with it. The Pork is very well spiced, has no fat and attractively served that it will certainly leave you wanting more. Their customer service is second to none. Their waiters and waitresses are patient, serviceable and pay extreme attention to details. They treat their customers like the royalty they are. Pork Office is such a pleasant family that always makes their customers feel very comfortable dining with them.

In addition, they have an outdoor sitting area and a parking lot for customers to enjoy a nice view of the Spintex while enjoying their delicious meals. Pork Office not only serves delicious meals but they adhere to strict hygienic conditions to ensure their customers get nothing but best from them. Also, they have a very simplified menu which makes it easier for customers to choose from. Their food portions are huge and greatly satisfying and extremely affordable. They also pride themselves in always putting the needs of their customers first.


Being on Pizarea, allows customers to place orders online via the web, app or call in and have it delivered to them at a location they choose or order to pick up later at the restaurant in order to skip queues they might possibly face. It is fast, safe and reliable. Since payment is allowed on the platform, it even makes it more convenient since mobile money can be used without any hustle.

Pork Office is definitely the place to be when looking for good food, sensational music and a relaxing atmosphere. Browse their menu, order and have it delivered to your doorstep quickly with ease.

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