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Order your mouthwatering meals on the Pizarea app


In the Western world, the food ordering app has long been popular, but Ghanaians have only recently begun to accept it as a way of life.

Online food ordering is now more convenient than ever to have meals delivered to your home at any time and from any location. Thanks to the wonderful on-demand delivery apps that are now available.

Simply download one of the best food delivery apps, select a choice,  place an order, and pay with your phone or cash when it arrives.

The top five Ghanaian owned online food ordering apps that are most popular with customers and continue to have an impact on the industry are listed below

Pizarea Food Ordering App
Order meals online on the Pizarea app


Pizarea is a Ghanaian-owned food ordering platform that allows clients to order food for delivery or pick up from their favorite eateries.

Payment can be paid online, by mobile money, or in cash at the time of delivery or pickup.

There are numerous reasons why anyone should enjoy the services of Pizarea, but the top three are as follows:

First, anyone can order meals from any restaurant regardless of distance if they are willing to pay the delivery fee.

Second, Pizarea offers a variety of food ordering options. Aside from the app, users may access the website, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and the shortcode *920*61#, which is very useful for yam phone users.

Last but not least, the outstanding customer service provided. It’s one of the best online food ordering platforms in town.

The fact that they arrive on time is the cherry on top. Now is the moment to try Pizarea if you haven’t already.

 Food ordering app
Online Order with Pizarea


Shopnaw is an on-demand marketplace that may provide you with transport, food, groceries, and parcel delivery.

In 2017, Shopnaw was created in Accra, Ghana’s capital. Shopnaw delivers to nearly every place in Accra and features a large variety of restaurants.

Shopnaw prides itself on prompt and efficient delivery. The Shopnaw food ordering app or website can be used to place food orders.

Mobile money or cash on delivery are both acceptable methods of payment.

Food ordering app

3. Home Chow

Home Chow began operations in September 2018 in Accra, Ghana, as an affordable on-the-go cooked food service.

Home Chow began collaborating with other restaurants to bring food to clients later on. They extended to the Ashanti Region in the third quarter of 2019.

Customers can use the website or the food ordering app to order food from Home Chow.

The company claims about its low-cost delivery. Home Chow offers payments by mobile money and cash on delivery.

Customers who use the Home Chow food ordering app are limited to restaurants in their immediate vicinity.

Food ordering app
Online food ordering with Pizarea is made easy and convenient.


Heny is a Ghanaian-owned food ordering app that was founded in 2020 by four internet enthusiasts who spotted a gap in the Ghanaian food delivery market.

Customers can order food from any restaurant they like using the Heny app or website.

One can order food for delivery or pick up using the Heny app, and they are not restricted by their geographic region.

Consumers can pay for services delivered or picked up using mobile money or cash on delivery.

Pizarea Food Ordering app

  1. Edziban

Edziban was established in Accra in 2014 to bring food to consumers in any area from any restaurant of their choice.

Customers can order food from Edziban by calling, sending a WhatsApp message, or visiting the website.

The company began with four motorcycles and has now expanded to include over twenty delivery companies.

Customers can use mobile money or cash on delivery to pay for services.




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