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Food ordering has long been popular in the western world, and Ghanaians have just recently begun to accept it as a way of life.

It is easier than ever to get food delivered to your house at any time and from anywhere when using food ordering apps.

Thanks to all of the fantastic on-demand food ordering apps that are now available.

Simply download one of the top food ordering apps, make a decision, place an order, and pay with your smartphone or cash upon delivery.

The following are the top five food ordering apps in Ghana that are most popular with clients and continue to have an impact in the industry:

Order food online on the Pizarea food ordering app
Order food online on the Pizarea food ordering apps


Pizarea is a Ghanaian-owned food ordering platform founded in 2015 that allows customers to order food from their favorite restaurants for either delivery or pick up.

Payment can be made either online, through mobile money, or cash on delivery or pickup.

There are countless reasons why anyone should love Pizarea but the top three is that; first of all, anyone can order food from any restaurant despite the distance once the person is okay with the delivery charge.

Order your delicious meals on
Order your meals on


Secondly, there are different mediums for ordering on Pizarea. Aside from the App, one can use the website, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and shortcode *920*61# especially for those who use yam phones.

Last but not least is the amazing customer service offered. It is one of the best in town. The icing on the cake is the fact that they deliver on time.

If you have not used Pizarea before, now is the time!

Food ordering apps
Have your food delivered to you when you order using food ordering apps


Glovo is a quick-commerce start-up food ordering app based in Barcelona that was created in 2015.

It’s an on-demand courier service that buys, picks up, and delivers things that customers order through a mobile app.

It provides a variety of services, the most popular of which is meal delivery. Ordering food on Glovo can be done either through the App and or website and payment can be made using mobile money or cash on delivery.

Unfortunately, the Glovo App does not work in all locations in Accra.

Food ordering apps
Order your sumptuous food online

Jumia Food

Jumia was founded in Lagos, Nigeria in 2012. It started as an online marketplace for electronics and fashion amongst others but expanded into food delivery along the line.

Order food on Jumia food either through the App or website. They promise to deliver within seconds.

The downside is, Jumia does not deliver to every location in Ghana. The restaurants that appear on the App depending on the customer’s location.

Customers are only able to view restaurants that are within a certain radius. Payment is also done either online, through mobile money, or cash on delivery.

Food ordering apps
Online food ordering is made easy.

Bolt Food

Bolt is a mobility company based in Tallinn, Estonia, and was founded in August 2013. It provides vehicle rental, micro-mobility, car-sharing, and food delivery services.

Bolt food boasts the best delivery price in town. To order food through Bolt food, one must download the Bolt Food App.

Bolt food customers can only view restaurants that are close to them or within a certain radius.

Bolt food does not deliver in all locations in Accra. Payment on Bolt food can be made either online, through mobile money, or cash on delivery.

Food ordering apps
Order food online at the comfort of your home and have it delivered.


Shopnaw is a multipurpose on-demand marketplace for your ride, food, grocery, and parcel delivery.

Shopnaw now was founded in Accra the capital of Ghana in 2017. Shopnaw delivers to most locations in Accra and has quite a number of restaurants on the App.

Shopnaw boast of quick and smooth delivery. To order food on Shopnaw, one can use the App or website.

Payment can be made using mobile money or cash on delivery.







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