Pizarea Online Delivery Service in Kumasi

Pizarea Delivery


Pizarea delivery is an online food delivery service that allows users to order tasty food from their favorite restaurants for pick-up or delivery.

The majority of customers who purchase food for pick-up on Pizarea do so to lessen their wait time at the restaurant when they go to eat or take the food away.

Pick-ups are not available on many food ordering platforms. Customers can also order meals for delivery and have them delivered to their homes or offices through Pizarea’s courier service.

Customers can order from Pizarea through a variety of methods. Customers can still place orders whether they are using smartphones or ‘Yam’

Pizarea delivery
Pizarea Order Channels

The channels by which customers can place orders on Pizarea are via Website, App, WhatsApp, Telegram, Shortcode, other social media platforms, or simply call us.

Customers can also schedule orders for a later date, as well as place orders for friends, family, and loved ones, using Pizarea Delivery.

Customers can pay using mobile money, cards, other online payment platforms, or cash on delivery or pick-up when placing orders on Pizarea.

Pizarea offers restaurants that serve a wide range of dishes, including several pizza varieties, Chinese meals, breakfasts, a variety of rice dishes, and local cuisines.

Online Payment

Most of the major restaurants in Ghana are on Pizarea. Some of them are;

Papa’s Pizza, Cheezzy Pizza, Eddys Pizza, Palace Chinese Restaurant, Pizza Inn, Chicken Inn, Dimaensa, Rocomama’s, Barita’s Chinese Restaurant Aduanipa, Living Room Restaurant, The Gold Coast Restaurant, Capitol, Blossom Cafe, and Nima Chow.

Pizarea is known for its excellent customer service and quick delivery.

Pizarea’s customer service representatives are extremely courteous and work hard to exceed clients’ expectations because customer pleasure is the ultimate goal.

They consistently go above and above to please their consumers.

Pizarea lists several restaurants in Kumasi, including Sweet Roses, Drinks plus Cooks, Pizza Man, Chicken Man, Barnas, Pizza Hub, Joint Pizza, Abuode Ike’s Café, and Grill and Gennex Pizza. Pizzas, rice dishes, Chinese cuisine, and local delicacies are available at these eateries.

If you are in Kumasi, please do not hesitate to use Pizarea to place an order for pick-up or delivery.

Your pleasure is our top priority, and we want our clients to have a good time while placing orders. Also, take advantage of our prompt deliveries.

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