Pizza Delivery in Accra

Pizza Delivery in Ghana

What is Pizza?

Pizza is a traditional Italian meal consisting of a flat circular dough foundation baked with a tomato and cheese topping, usually with additional meat, fish, or vegetables. It can be served as lunch or dinner.

Pizza has recently become a popular and well-accepted meal in Ghana, enjoyed by people of all ages.

Pizza is eaten when people get together with friends, during gatherings, and even at weddings. For pizza delivery in Accra, order on

Pizarea is the only food ordering app in Ghana that was created to allow users to order pizza from their favorite restaurant without having to wait in long queues – before expanding to include businesses that serve other cuisines.

Customers have been provided with a variety of channels through which orders can be placed.


Purchase your favorite pizza from Pizarea via the website (, the app, the shortcode (*920*61#), WhatsApp (0577690493), or by calling the company directly (0552525552).

Pizzas can be ordered for pick-up or delivery. Pizarea does not have any restrictions on where they can deliver.

Customers can pay for their orders with mobile money, cards, or cash at the time of delivery or pick-up.

Papa’s Pizza, Eddy’s Pizza, Cheezzy Pizza, La Piazza, Mamma Mia, Pizza Man, Gennex Pizza, Coco Lounge, Domino’s, Top Pizza Express, and Barcelos are just a few of Ghana’s prominent pizza joints.

The majority of these pizza shops have locations all across the country, and Pizarea delivers from all of them.

Pizza Delivery

All you have to do is pick your favorite restaurant, branch, and leave the rest to Pizarea, who will arrange your order for pick-up or delivery.

Different types of pizza are available at Ghana’s pizza restaurants. Meat eater/lover, Pepperoni, Margherita, Veggie eater/lover, peri-peri chicken, Supreme, Deluxe, BBQ, and Steak are the most popular among the many.

Extra toppings, such as cheese, sauce, meats, and veggies, are available for purchase.

Customers can even create their own pizza at the restaurant by selecting their favorite toppings.

Most of these Pizza shops run promotions with Pizarea where customers may receive two boxes of pizza for the price of one or a box of pizza for half the price.

Mondays through to Thursdays are usually the days of the promotion.

For pizza delivery in Accra, order through Pizarea using any of the channels for all of your delicious pizza from your favorite restaurant.

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