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The New Dawn Of Online Food Ordering

It was at the end of the month and as usual I couldn’t wait to receive my salary from my parents. I always make enormous plans for it before it gets to hand and this month wasn’t an exception. Immediately I received an alert on my phone indicating a transfer of money into my mobile money account from my parents. I jumped off my bed and shouted “the wait is over “which was nothing new to my roommates at all. I sped off to Akosua’s (my best friend) room at Jean Nelson hall to break the news since she knew I had no money on me.

While waiting for her at the potters lodge, I watched the advertisement screen and behold, “PIZAREA “popped up. It was an ONLINE FOOD ORDERING PLATFORM. Well, a food lover will always be enthused about anything related to food and so I didn’t hesitate to call.

Sarcastically, I asked if I could order for fufu with goat light soup and have it delivered to Legon campus and interestingly they said yes. So I proceeded with the order. For a moment, I was sceptical but since I had nothing to lose at the end I wasn’t bothered.

My friend came in few minutes later but I didn’t mention a word. In approximately 30 minutes after I placed the order, a dispatch rider called to inform me that he was waiting for me downstairs. Mmm ….and I said to myself so this is real.  I went to pick up the food, paid and went back to Akosua’s room. She was more surprised than I was since she didn’t see it coming. I explained everything to her and indeed, it was a great afternoon and we enjoyed every bit of the meal. From that day forward, we started ordering on pizarea.

Subsequently, I was told PIZAREA is an online food ordering app on play store and so I was encouraged to download it since it will make my food ordering easier. I hesitated initially but eventually, I downloaded it. The app supports at least 30 restaurants which have various delicacies ranging from continental dishes to local dishes. It didn’t exempt my favourite banku with grilled tilapia from living room and imperial special fried rice from Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant.

Indeed, I was surprised when I found out that I could make payment via all mobile money networks and also have someone outside the country order food for me and make payment through world remit. Also, Pizarea delivery has proven to be incredibly swift and timely. Above all, pizarea delivery does not burden you with your location. It will deliver at your doorstep, campuses, offices, wherever the need be they go the extra mile to give you value for your money.

In all, pizarea has made online food ordering easier, bigger, better and more convenient. Wouldn’t you rather count on their services…it is tested and trusted. PIZAREA!!! Always making food ordering a delight!


By Adjoa

(A consistent Pizarea customer)

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