What Occasion to order Pizza?

Pizza is an Italian dish consisting of a round, flat foundation of leavened wheat-based dough topped with tomatoes, cheese, and frequently other toppings (such as anchovies, mushrooms, onions, olives, pineapple, meat, and so on) and cooked at a high temperature, typically in a wood-fired oven.

It’s served in unsliced informal settings, such as restaurants, and is eaten with a knife and fork. In casual situations, however, it is cut into wedges and eaten while held in one’s hand.

There are numerous varieties, each defined by the toppings and, in some cases, the crust. There are also different types, which are distinguished by the method of preparation.

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Pepperoni, Margherita, Meat Lovers, BBQ Chicken, and Vegetable Lovers are just a few of the options.

Because it’s more expensive in Ghana, it is considered a luxury rather than a regular meal for many people.

However, there are many restaurants in Ghana that serve various types at various prices. These establishments include Papa’s, Pizza Inn, Eddy’s, Cheezzy, and others.

The question is when should or can you order a box of pizza?

On the other hand, it can be eaten on any given day as long as one has a craving for it and the situation/occasion calls for it.

Online food Ordering Made Easy and Convenient.
Order food online from your favorite restaurant on Pizarea for a swift delivery.

Pizarea Gh has also made it simple for you to choose from a variety of restaurants where you’d like to purchase your preferred pizza.

Customers are spoiled for choice with restaurants such as Papa’s Pizza Inn, Cheezzy, Eddy’s, and many more.

However, for special occasions such as a date, family or friends’ reunion, birthday celebrations, or most likely a regular party, trust a box of pizza to make the occasion memorable when you order through the Pizarea app.

You can also place your order by dialing the shortcode (*920*61#) or visiting the website: Pizarea.com. For more information, please call 0577690493 or 0242724347.

At Pizarea, we make food ordering a delight.


Papa's Pizza Ghana


Papa’s Pizza Ghana is a Ghanaian pizza company that has been in operation for over a decade and is one of the country’s largest and most popular pizza restaurants.

They have excellent customer service and extremely efficient delivery service. They make their dough from scratch every day and use only the highest quality ingredients in their pizzas.

They are dedicated to their customers, employees, fan base, and community, and they certainly live the values. They serve the most delicious, fresh meals, and their service is quick and dependable.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the Papa’s Pizza Ghana price list, which is mind-boggling. For more information, go to www.papaspizzagh.com.

Customers can browse Papa’s Pizza Ghana’s menu online, place their order, and have it delivered to their preferred location thanks to the company’s online presence.

Papa's Pizza Ghana
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There are currently eleven (11) Papa’s Pizza locations. These locations include Papa’s Pizza East Legon (Headquarters), Papa’s Pizza North Legon, Papa’s Pizza Spintex, Papa’s Pizza Weija, Papa’s Pizza Osu, Papa’s Pizza Ring Road, Papa’s Pizza Tema, Papa’s Pizza  Dome, Papa’s Pizza Dansoman, Papa’s Pizza Community 25, and Papa’s Pizza Adenta Rowi Junction.

These branches are located in areas where people can easily find them. Customers can order from any of these branches without difficulty. Most pizza lovers will find them in the most popular areas of Accra and Tema.

Papa’s Pizza Ghana branch contacts

One can easily contact Papa’s Pizza by dialing (0577690493).

Their branch phone numbers are as follows:

Community 25 branch – 0501503050 / 0509549686/ 0509549688

Weija branch – 0501540664 / 0501540666 / 0501437174

Dansoman branch – 0501437166 / 0501437167 / 0501437168

North Legon branch – 0501646784 / 0501646785/ 0501646786/ 0593379706

East Legon branch – 0248820535 / 0206368703/ 0505566566/ 0244315866

Spintex branch – 0502911720 / 0502911721/ 0593379705

Osu branch – 0266356498 / 0543956865/0266256498

Ring Road – 0560027195 / 0560027194/0560027193

Tema branch – 0561278676 / 0561278678

Dome branch – 0559585887 / 0559585808

Papa's Pizza Ghana
Baked to perfection, fresh for your enjoyment.


Don’t we all have a favorite type of pizza? This is also true for fans of Papa’s Pizza.

Papa’s Pizza fans frequently order the Meat Eater pizza, Papa’s Full House pizza, Papa No pizza, Ghanaman pizza, Pepperoni pizza, BBQ Lovers pizza, and Chicken Delight pizza.

They have quite interesting local names for their pizza types, which appeal to both youth and adults.

Twa w’ Anum, Taste Wo Mu, Awula, Sweetie Pie, Deedew, and Opana are some of the pizza names. These pizza variants are all available online, so there’s no excuse not to pamper your taste buds.

Papa's Pizza Ghana


Convenience and reliability are everything in today’s fast-paced world, which is why, to satisfy all customers, Papa’s Pizza has listed its menu on the following third-party applications:

  • Pizarea
  • Jumia
  • Bolt food
  • Glovo
  • Shaq Express


Papa's Pizza Adenta


One of the most notable and fast-growing pizza joints in Accra has opened a new branch, Papa’s Pizza Adenta Rowi Junction.

The new branch was opened as part of its goals to reach a higher customer base and to reduce delivery fees turnaround time for people in this locality. The new branch officially opened on Wednesday, October 27, 2021.

People in Adenta and the surrounding areas can now enjoy sizzling hot and tasty pizzas, delectable pork dishes, chicken dishes, and other side dishes at Papa’s new Adenta Rowi junction location, which is accessible via Pizarea.

Papa’s Pizza currently operates 11 locations, including the newly opened Papa’s Pizza Adenta.

The other branches are located at; Weija, Ring Road, Dome, East Legon, North Legon, Dansoman, Spintex, Tema Community 25, Tema Community 4, and Osu.

The Papa’s Pizza menu features a diverse selection of globally influenced baked to perfection pizzas and delightful meals made with the highest quality ingredients.

If you’re unsure what to order, try the Chicken Supreme, Papa’s Love, Big Papa, BBQ Lovers, Opana, Ghanaman, Deedew, Taste Wo Mu, Papa No, Ultimate Love, and Meat Eater, to name a few.

Food ordering app

Papa’s Pizza Adenta

Papa’s Pizza is Ghana’s most popular pizza joint, not only because of their delicious pizzas and sumptuous dishes but also because of the services and offers they provide to customers.

The core mission of Papa’s Pizza Adenta, like the other locations, is to provide customers with quick, tasty, and convenient meals.

Papa’s Pizza Adenta is large enough to serve family and friends who want to relax and unwind. Papa’s Pizza Adenta invites everyone to enjoy their service and offerings.

Order your pizzas from Papa's Pizza Adenta branch on Pizarea

Remember that you can order your favorite pizza from Papa’s Pizza Adenta on Pizarea for pick-up or delivery.

Orders for pick-up or delivery can be placed through a variety of channels, including the Pizarea website (pizarea.com), the Pizarea App,

The Short Code *920*61#, and our social media platforms (pizareagh on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook), or by phone at 0577690493/0242724347.


Online food delivery service


The rapid advancement of internet technology has boosted Online food delivery service, resulting in massive changes in consumer lifestyle and society as a whole.

The process of ordering food from local restaurants, online food mobile applications, or web pages and having it delivered to a specific location is known as online food delivery services.

Third-party applications such as Pizarea, Glovo, Jumia, Uber Eats, Bolt Food, among others provide an online space to host restaurants.

This has given restaurants such as Papa’s Pizza, Pizza Inn, Sweet Roses Chinese Restaurant, Cheezzy Pizza, Eddys Pizza, Barcelos, Dimaensa, Nima Chow, Jerks, and Carbs, and so on now an online presence.

They can display their menus online increasing accessibility to customers at the same time providing them an option for ordering and delivery.

Pizarea Food Ordering app


Pizarea, as an online food delivery platform that enables customers to search for their preferred restaurants, choose available products, and order for delivery to wherever they want.

This can be done at the customer’s convenience either via phone, through the Pizarea App, or via the website (www.pizarea.com).

People’s preference for online food delivery service has grown as a result of the convenience provided by innovative technology in terms of space and time.

Convenience and reliability are everything now in our current pace of life. People have become more enlightened as a result of advanced technologies and internet penetration.

Pizarea Food Ordering App
Order meals online on the Pizarea app

Online Food Delivery Service

Being able to provide variety on one platform is the way to go now. For food, if you’re looking for a place where you can browse through multiple menus offering multiple cuisines, Pizarea is the app to use!

At Pizarea, we offer our clients a wider variety of cuisines ranging from Chinese, Lebanese, Mexican, Turkish, continental, and of course the favorite Ghanaian local dishes that everyone loves.

Our ordering process is simply seamless. So, don’t be hesitant to use Pizarea to order excellent meals from your favorite restaurant for delivery or pick-up.

Online Food Ordering Made Easy and Convenient.
Order food online from your favorite restaurant on Pizarea for a swift delivery.

Pizarea meets the needs of city dwellers by proving that you can be anywhere and at the tap of your phone, you can have your food delivered to you quickly and simply without any hassle.

Office workers working long hours don’t have to worry about food anymore. Everything is online and right at their fingertips!

You can place an order through the Pizarea website, the *920*61# short code, or the Pizarea app, which is available on Google Play and the App Store.

You can also get out to us via social media (pizareagh on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) or phone (0577690493/0242724347).


Digitalization in  Ghana


It seems little by little Africans are beginning to catch up to the rest of the world in embracing digitalization.

Digitalizing most aspects of our lives will certainly go a long way to make our mode of operations simpler and seamless.

The world is a global village. Most governments are pushing to put things in place to facilitate an improvement in communication, transportation, banking standards, importation, and exportation as well as cybersecurity to fit the growing trends.

In recent times in Ghana, we have seen many moves by the government to use digitalization (digital technology) to formalize most aspects of the economy.

This move by the government has added value to our processes as a people. In a country with a population of 30.8 million with most of the population residing in the capital Accra, you’d find that the country has a growing need for urbanization.



Accra Digital Center was built by the government to boost digital technologies and to be a technology incubator.

It has since become a hub hosting a lot of technological advancements in the country.

In other efforts to digitalize the economy, the government has implemented the following:

National ID: The Ghana Card is the newly recognized ID for all citizens. Also referred to as the ECOWAS card, it is meant to facilitate travel between Ghana and other countries in ECOWAS.

As an identification card, this card is currently replacing the TIN (tax identification numbers) as well as SSNIT (pensions) numbers.

Mobile numbers are required to be re-registered with the Ghana Card starting October 1, 2021.

Digital Addressing System: Also known as the Ghana Post GPS, the addressing system provides accurate digital addresses of individuals and business places.

All you need to find a place now is to enter the Ghana Post address (which gives you the exact coordinates) of the said place and receive directions via Google maps to the desired location. Moving around generally became easier!

The Ghana Post GPS is also complemented by street naming and distinct house addresses. You can now boldly state your home address without “extra directions”.


Paperless Port System: A great addition for most importers which has caused a reduction in the general turnaround time at the country’s ports.

Digitizing DVLA: The process of getting a drivers’ license became much much easier.

You don’t have to worry about the so-called “goro boys” who used to siphon money from people to process licenses. Now everything is online, no more wahala…

Mobile Money Interoperability: some telcos call this “ACROSS”. You’d think the enmity between telcos should have made this whole idea completely incomprehensible and impossible.

However, the National Communication Authority in Ghana found a way of making this a reality. You can now send money from one network to another without any hassle.

Medical Drone Technology: this technology from Zipline will facilitate the transfer of blood samples, laboratory tests, etc. in hard-to-reach places in the country. This is a major milestone in healthcare delivery in the country.

Ghana.gov: A recent addition to the government’s efforts, ghana.gov is a payment platform that has been integrated into major government agencies including the Passport Office, National Service Secretariat among others.

This platform is to facilitate payment for government services via mobile money or card. No bank stress…


Covid 19 exposed the digital gaps we have as a country. Most businesses that had not embraced digitalization suffered major losses that resulted in a complete shut down of their businesses.

Customer-based businesses suffered the most in this era. Restaurants that relied on walk-in customers had to shut down because of the restrictions that came with the pandemic.

Most customers shifted online because of the restrictions in their movement. People discovered that most things could be done online and they have adapted to it.

Food ordering app

Online Food Ordering and Delivery platforms (Pizarea) saw a massive boom in their operations.

The ride-sharing and e-commerce sectors also saw their share of success in this period.

Customer-based businesses in the aftermath of the pandemic’s restrictions quickly incorporated online services in their operations.

Most restaurants that were not signed up on online food ordering platforms quickly signed up.

Those that could afford to have their websites and mobile apps had them developed.

Other businesses created online shops to sell their wares. It was discovered that going online was the new normal.

Payment options.

Online Platforms and Payments

According to the Bank of Ghana (BOG), there are 17 million active mobile money accounts and counting. This is enough evidence for businesses to adopt digital payments.

FinTech’s have expanded their operations by providing payment aggregation services to a wider number of merchants.

There was a growing need to facilitate payment in the most seamless ways for customers.

If your platform does not accept mobile money or card, it is rendered incomplete and not attractive.

We’ve got more entrants into the food delivery space now. Previously there was Jumia Food, Pizarea, and a few others.

Currently, because of the boom in the business, there are new entrants in the industry including BoltFood, Glovo, Heny, Edziban, etc.

The competition is fierce with international companies joining the sector. Deals and promos are the new order of the day.

Service delivery is key in the online business. Easy navigation of your website or platform, multiple payment channels as well as fast delivery is the key to retaining customers.

In Conclusion

I believe that as a country we are taking a step in the right direction. Generally moving everything online and

cutting down on manual processes will solve issues with record keeping, queues, leakages, corruption and generally cause smooth ease in operations.

It is important to embrace digitalization as a people for an improvement in our well-being.




The emergence of online food ordering and delivery services might perhaps be attributed to the changing nature of consumers.

Consumers use food delivery services for numerous reasons, but the most obvious reasons seem to be the need for quick and convenient meals during or after a busy workday schedule, and that’s exactly the service Pizarea provides.

Pizarea is the number one online pizza delivery platform available as a mobile application that allows customers to order pizza and other foods online from the comfort of their homes from any restaurant of their choice and have them delivered at their preferred location.

delivery on pizarea

Since the inception of Pizarea, we have taken the hassle away from consumers to think about and plan meals, regardless of whether the consumer is preparing the meal by him/herself, going to the restaurant and dine in, or going to the restaurant to buy the food and bring it back home or the office.

Pizarea being the number one online pizzeria in Ghana and Africa as a whole has made online pizza and food delivery services become normal, easy, and convenient.

More and more people are turning to Pizarea for their pizza and food delivery because of the current pace of life, and with the quality service Pizarea provides, consumers get their pizza and food delivered while they have the freedom to continue to work.

Pizarea offers restaurants that serve a wide range of pizzas and dishes, including Chinese meals, breakfasts, a variety of rice dishes, and local cuisines.

Most of the top brand pizza restaurants in Ghana are on Pizarea. Some of them include; Papa’s Pizza, Pizza Inn, Cheezzy Pizza, Eddys Pizza, Top Pizza, Carlito’s Pizza, Pizzavella, amongst others.

Other top food restaurants on Pizarea include; Chicken Inn, Rocomama’s, Munchys, Barita’s Chinese Restaurant Aduanipa, Living Room, Palace Chinese Restaurant, The Store Board Restaurant, Capitol, Blossom Café, Barcelos, Sweet Roses, Nima Chow, and many more.

Pizarea is known to be the number one online pizzeria in Ghana and Africa because of its excellent customer service and swift delivery.

Our customer service officials are courteous and strive to exceed customer’s expectations because customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal. We consistently go beyond to please our consumers.

Online Food Ordering Made Easy and Convenient.
Order food online from your favorite restaurant on Pizarea for a swift delivery.

If you’ve not tried Pizarea yet, now is the time to join the fun ride train while we provide you with nothing but good and quality service.

You can place your pizza and food orders on Pizarea via the various order channels we have available; thus, the Pizarea website (www.pizarea.com), The shortcode *920*61#, the Pizarea App available on Google Play and App Store, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other social media platforms, or simply reach us on 0577690493/0242724347.


Pizza Inn Accra
Order pizzas online from Pizza Inn Accra on Pizarea


Pizza Inn Ghana is one of the Simbisa numerous brands. Pizza Inn Accra joined the Ghanaian market a decade ago.

They’ve been on the rise due to their good reputation in serving customers with hot-oven pizzas and providing quality customer service.

Pizza Inn is one of the prominent pizza restaurants in Accra, and the Ghanaian populace has come to love the Pizza Inn menu.


Currently, in Ghana, Pizza Inn has nine (9) branches across the capital, Accra. These Pizza Inn branches include;

Pizza Inn Airport Shell, Pizza Inn Accra Mall, Pizza Inn East Legon, Pizza Inn Achimota Mall, Pizza Inn West Hills Mall, Pizza Inn Junction Mall, Pizza Inn Pig Farm, Pizza Inn C37, and the newly opened Pizza Inn Jungle Street opposite A & C Mall.

These branches are at the most accessible spots across Accra. Order from all branches on Pizarea for delivery or pick-up.

Pizza In Accra
Buy 1 get 1 free on Tuesdays and Thursdays on Pizarea


There are many varieties of pizza on the Pizza Inn Accra menu that appeal to the youth and adults alike.

We have options for Chicken lovers, Meat lovers, Veggie lovers amongst others.

In the quest to appreciate their customers, Pizza Inn, Accra runs the promotion Terrific Tuesday and Thursday – buy one medium or large classic pizza at GH¢ 58 or GH¢ 70 and get an additional one free on Pizarea.

These promotions are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from Pizza Inn other branches but run every day at Pizza Inn jungle street opposite A & C Mall.

You can visit pizarea.com to browse the Pizza Inn Accra menu to place your order for delivery or pick-up.


Pizza Inn has very affordable prices. You and I can get a meal ranging from GH¢ 35.00 to GH¢ 82.00.

You can choose any size of pizza on the Pizza Inn Accra menu – from the small to the medium to the large and even the mega-size.


Pizza inn Ghana also provides convenience for its customers. Pizarea partnering with Pizza Inn Accra makes it easier for customers to order their pizza online from the comfort of their homes and offices for delivery.

delivery on pizarea

Pizza Inn Accra delivery with Pizarea is faster, easier, and convenient with all safety precautions observed.

All you have to do is grab your phone, dial *920*61# or visit www.pizarea.com browse the Pizza Inn Accra menu, select a menu item of your choice, and order.

You can also place your orders on WhatsApp with Pizarea via 0577690493 for a quick response.


For anyone looking for Pizza Inn Accra contact online, they simply have to visit the Pizarea website and they can place their orders,

or better still call 0242724347 / 0577690493, and the Pizarea customer service team would be happy to assist.









Pizza Delivery in Accra

Pizza Delivery in Ghana

What is Pizza?

Pizza is a traditional Italian meal consisting of a flat circular dough foundation baked with a tomato and cheese topping, usually with additional meat, fish, or vegetables. It can be served as lunch or dinner.

Pizza has recently become a popular and well-accepted meal in Ghana, enjoyed by people of all ages.

Pizza is eaten when people get together with friends, during gatherings, and even at weddings. For pizza delivery in Accra, order on pizarea.com.

Pizarea is the only food ordering app in Ghana that was created to allow users to order pizza from their favorite restaurant without having to wait in long queues – before expanding to include businesses that serve other cuisines.

Customers have been provided with a variety of channels through which orders can be placed.


Purchase your favorite pizza from Pizarea via the website (pizarea.com), the app, the shortcode (*920*61#), WhatsApp (0577690493), or by calling the company directly (0552525552).

Pizzas can be ordered for pick-up or delivery. Pizarea does not have any restrictions on where they can deliver.

Customers can pay for their orders with mobile money, cards, or cash at the time of delivery or pick-up.

Papa’s Pizza, Eddy’s Pizza, Cheezzy Pizza, La Piazza, Mamma Mia, Pizza Man, Gennex Pizza, Coco Lounge, Domino’s, Top Pizza Express, and Barcelos are just a few of Ghana’s prominent pizza joints.

The majority of these pizza shops have locations all across the country, and Pizarea delivers from all of them.

Pizza Delivery

All you have to do is pick your favorite restaurant, branch, and leave the rest to Pizarea, who will arrange your order for pick-up or delivery.

Different types of pizza are available at Ghana’s pizza restaurants. Meat eater/lover, Pepperoni, Margherita, Veggie eater/lover, peri-peri chicken, Supreme, Deluxe, BBQ, and Steak are the most popular among the many.

Extra toppings, such as cheese, sauce, meats, and veggies, are available for purchase.

Customers can even create their own pizza at the restaurant by selecting their favorite toppings.

Most of these Pizza shops run promotions with Pizarea where customers may receive two boxes of pizza for the price of one or a box of pizza for half the price.

Mondays through to Thursdays are usually the days of the promotion.

For pizza delivery in Accra, order through Pizarea using any of the channels for all of your delicious pizza from your favorite restaurant.

Pizarea Online Delivery Service in Kumasi

Pizarea Delivery


Pizarea delivery is an online food delivery service that allows users to order tasty food from their favorite restaurants for pick-up or delivery.

The majority of customers who purchase food for pick-up on Pizarea do so to lessen their wait time at the restaurant when they go to eat or take the food away.

Pick-ups are not available on many food ordering platforms. Customers can also order meals for delivery and have them delivered to their homes or offices through Pizarea’s courier service.

Customers can order from Pizarea through a variety of methods. Customers can still place orders whether they are using smartphones or ‘Yam’

Pizarea delivery
Pizarea Order Channels

The channels by which customers can place orders on Pizarea are via Website, App, WhatsApp, Telegram, Shortcode, other social media platforms, or simply call us.

Customers can also schedule orders for a later date, as well as place orders for friends, family, and loved ones, using Pizarea Delivery.

Customers can pay using mobile money, cards, other online payment platforms, or cash on delivery or pick-up when placing orders on Pizarea.

Pizarea offers restaurants that serve a wide range of dishes, including several pizza varieties, Chinese meals, breakfasts, a variety of rice dishes, and local cuisines.

Online Payment

Most of the major restaurants in Ghana are on Pizarea. Some of them are;

Papa’s Pizza, Cheezzy Pizza, Eddys Pizza, Palace Chinese Restaurant, Pizza Inn, Chicken Inn, Dimaensa, Rocomama’s, Barita’s Chinese Restaurant Aduanipa, Living Room Restaurant, The Gold Coast Restaurant, Capitol, Blossom Cafe, and Nima Chow.

Pizarea is known for its excellent customer service and quick delivery.

Pizarea’s customer service representatives are extremely courteous and work hard to exceed clients’ expectations because customer pleasure is the ultimate goal.

They consistently go above and above to please their consumers.

Pizarea lists several restaurants in Kumasi, including Sweet Roses, Drinks plus Cooks, Pizza Man, Chicken Man, Barnas, Pizza Hub, Joint Pizza, Abuode Ike’s Café, and Grill and Gennex Pizza. Pizzas, rice dishes, Chinese cuisine, and local delicacies are available at these eateries.

If you are in Kumasi, please do not hesitate to use Pizarea to place an order for pick-up or delivery.

Your pleasure is our top priority, and we want our clients to have a good time while placing orders. Also, take advantage of our prompt deliveries.


Online Food Ordering Made Easy and Convenient.
Order food online from your favorite restaurant on Pizarea for a swift delivery.

What is Pizarea?

Pizarea is an online food ordering and delivery platform (available as a mobile and web application)

that allows customers to order their favorite meals from any restaurant of their choice and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Most times, people assume Pizarea is a restaurant but that is not the case, Pizarea serves as an intermediary between customers and restaurants.

Online food ordering
An easy way to order your favorite meals online.


You can order in just four steps via pizarea.com;

  • Get Nearby restaurants by entering your location.
  • Choose your preferred restaurant and browse their menu.
  • Choose your mode of payment.
  • Confirm your order
Online Food Ordering
Pizarea Order Channels


  • You can place your order via the Pizarea USSD (*920*61#)
  • You can also order via WhatsApp – 0577690493
  • The Pizarea app which we have available on Google Play Store and App Store
  • Telegram
  • On Instagram @pizareagh
  • On Facebook @pizareagh
  • On Twitter @pizareagh
  • Call lines – 0242724347 / 0577690493
Online Food Ordering Made Easy and Convenient.
Dial *920*61# to order your favorite meals on Pizarea


The Pizarea USSD is a short code *920*61# available on all networks and all types of phones.

You do not need data to use the shortcode *920*61#. It is faster, cheaper, and a simple way to order your food.

The Pizarea USSD provides options for you to request a call–back, check available promotions, and place an order.

Pay Online on Pizarea
Pay with mobile money or card on Pizarea


Yes! We support payments from MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, AirtelTigo Cash, MasterCard, Visa, and Worldremit for online food ordering.


The price of our service is often determined by distance, so the closer your location, the cheaper your fee.


Deliveries normally depend on the restaurant and delivery location, but we strive to deliver within an hour.


Yes, you can place your order for pick-up. Also, someone can pick up your order on your behalf provided the person has the order code and other requirements requested by the restaurant.


You can schedule your order on the Pizarea platform and choose when you want it delivered.

If you want to make changes to your scheduled order, our agents are happy to assist you in the process.


Pizarea operates within Accra, Cape Coast, Ho, and Kumasi.


Pizarea runs from 8am to 10pm. However, Pizarea delivery closes at 9 pm.

All restaurants on the other hand have their own operating hours so they might be opened or closed despite Pizarea’s operating hours.

One can call our lines – 0242724347 / 0577690493 during our operating hours and our customer service agents will be available to take your order.

order pizza online
Order any food you feel like eating on Pizarea.


You can order any meal of your choice, be it a continental dish, local, Chinese, Turkish, Pizza, burger, sandwich, shawarma, etc.

You’d find a variety of meals on Pizarea. All you have to do is decide which category of food you want to order and have it delivered to your doorstep.


When you open the Pizarea app or www.pizarea.com, at the top of your screen, there’s a search bar that allows you to search based on your location or by a restaurant.

The search results bring you the closest restaurants in your locality.

Online Food Ordering
Pizarea Customer Service Agent.


Is your order not exactly what you received? Please let our customer service team know so we could rectify this in time and also try to avoid such situations in the future.

Visit our contact us page to make a complaint.


Pizarea is the best online food ordering and delivery platform you can rely on.

Our customer service is top-notch. Customer service agents are polite, show empathy and make themselves readily available to assist you with any inquiries you would like to make.

They assist you in placing your order, listen to your complaints, and do their best to address all issues regarding your order.

Customer Satisfaction is our greatest concern. We deliver on our promises and make online food ordering a delight.